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Feb. 9, 1998

1. Which one of your current or former teammates has helped change your game over the past three seasons?--Arni Sribhen, Greenwood. SC

A lot of different players have helped me as far as changing my game. When I first got here guys like Jason Martin and Koy Smith helped me a lot and last year there was Cory and Tony and some of those guys.

2. Did you consider any other schools besides Texas Tech? Which ones? --Tammy Lawless, Indianapolis

Yeah, I did. I considered a bunch of schools. I considered Duke, Carolina or just going straight to the NBA. No, actually it came down to Tech and Baylor.

3. I have never missed one of your games. You are a great player, one of the best passers is the game today. I was wondering what you feel your chances are of playing in the NBA?--Martha, Lubbock, TX

I'm sure it's a pretty long shot right now. I haven't really thought about that too much. I'd have to say right now chances are pretty slim.

If you had a chance to leave Tech after this year would you?

Where would I go? That's another one I haven't really thought about. If I had the chance, which I really don't see happening. I am going to be here all four years of my eligibility and continue to play here.

4. Your response to "What one thing would you change about college basketball?" that you would have a four and five point shot. If you were able to do so, how long would those shots need to be? How far behind the current three point line would they need to be?--Raleigh Sanford, Garland, TX

I'd say the four point line would be two or three steps behind the NBA and the five point shot would be probably 25 feet long.

5. I heard you really worked hard in the weight room over the summer. How much thicker have you gotten and how has it translated on the court?

I spent the summer working out pretty hard and hitting the weights. It probably doesn't show too much in my uniform but it helps me out on the court as far as guarding somebody on defense and on offense being able to get around people without them being able to hold me back.

6. What is your favorite Big 12 arena to play in besides Lubbock's Municipal Coliseum?--Cate Lock, Lubbock, TX

Oklahoma State, I like playing there and playing at Kansas this year even though I probably didn't show it. I thought Kansas was a pretty good shooting gym.

7. What do you do on your own to get ready for a game?--Dawn, Dallas

I just go to class if we have class that day and then just come home, go to pregame then come home and shower and that way I can just kind of get my mind clear and get ready for the game.

8. As a student athlete is it hard to keep focused on basketball when there are so many distractions in every day life?

It's kind of tough I guess to go to class and have to take care of the academic responsibility. It makes it kind of hard to concentrate on the court, but it's something I've kind of gotten used to in my third year.

9. Does crowd support make a difference for you guys? How much?--Cate and Alison Lock, Lubbock, TX

I think it helps us a lot. I think we rely a lot on emotion and when we get a nice crowd out there that gets in to it I think it helps us and I think it raises our level of play.

10. Do you have a nickname? If so, how did you get it? John, Dallas

I have a bunch of nicknames and most of them are pretty bad that I got in a negative manner I really don't have one name. I guess a lot of people call me bone. I guess that just came from my last name.

11. What are you majoring in?--Robert Burchettl, Dallas

public relations

12. When did you start playing baketball?--Bill Thomas, Tulsa

I don't remember when I started.




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