Off The Practice Field....Head Coach Spike Dykes

On Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State has two great rushers. They've got excellent running backs. They've got a quarterback that's a little bit like Zebbie (Lethridge). He is a multipurpose, multi-versatile, excellent athlete. Their program really has come on. Last year, I guarantee they were right in the middle of things. They beat Oklahoma the last ball game. Had a chance to beat Kansas State. Had another chance to beat Colorado and Kansas. Came right down to the wire. Bob Simmons is their new coach. They really have good players. They rush the ball well. They've got a lot of team speed. They have some size up front. Great kick returner. The best we've seen in a long time. It will be a tough day at the office. There's not any doubt about that. We'll have to play extremely well in order to win this ball game. Anything short of that, we won't have much of a chance.

On Playing In Texas Stadium

We have 37 players from the Metroplex. I think it is good for us. I think it gives their parents a chance to come to a game. We've got 27% of our student body is from the Metroplex. It gives their parents a chance to come to a game. We recruit that area strongly. It gives us a chance to have a home game there. There's a lot of pluses of playing in Dallas. Since we are not going to play SMU and TCU anymore, I think it's great we play a game in the Metroplex area because of the number of students we have from there and the number of players we have from there.

On Kansas State

When you play Kansas State in Manhattan I think the first thing you have to do is you really have to take your hat off to them. They have done a magnificent job with their program. Their facilities are good. I have not seen a crowd any more vivid, into it, wild, having fun. I have never seen so much purple in my whole life. They really have done a nice job and I think that is a real credit.

On Tech's Performance

We'll be a lot better football team this Saturday than we were last Saturday. Nothing is wrong with this team that can't be fixed, that can't be fixed in a hurry. I like the way they handled things. I like the way they took the loss. I like they way they hung in there, down 21-3 at Kansas State. That's a tall order. (KSU) has a good nucleus coming back and if you'd told me some things that were gonna happen that happened Saturday I would have been elated that some things turned out as good as they did. I'm certainly not elated that we lost the game because I thought we had a chance to win the game when we went up there.

On New People In New Places

Certainly I think that the cohesiveness of the team is going to get better and better and better. I think there were a lot of positives out there and certainly a few negatives. The effort was great. Ability to make plays was really good. The few guys playing for the first time. I thought they did an excellent job. We had Sammy Morris playing fullback for the first game, he played an outstanding football game. He was a high school quarterback. We had Tony Darden playing corner for the first time he'd ever played corner in a football game. He did a great job, really a good job. Corey Turner, his first real action at Tech. He covered one of the better wide receivers in America.

On The Defense

Consistency is certainly something we would like to do. Two times in the second quarter, they drove the football down and scored a touchdown. Both times we got a little flustered. We had a lot of guys out there playing for the first time, a lot of guys playing new positions and defensively I don't think you could ever ask for a bunch of guys playing better than we played Saturday considering how many of them were playing in there first college football game.

On The Offense

So we've got some potential on this team, we really do. We'll get it together. We've got good leaders. We've got people that game hurt on Saturday, it hurt losing and that's good. You know when you start losing and not hurting then you've got a real problem and that's certainly not our case. So I don't think that there is anything out there that can't be corrected.

On Hanspard, Lethridge And Ervin

I thought the presence of team speed was encouraging. I thought the maneuverability of Zebbie was good. I thought he probably maneuvered too much at times, but for the first game I thought he played well. He threw a lot of passes that we had a chance to catch that we didn't catch...threw some balls under duress. I thought Byron (Hanspard) had some moments of grandeur. Not one of his better games, but he played good. I thought you could see the fact that we had some speed. I thought that Adrian Ervin was probably the unsung hero.


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