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From The Locker Rooms....

Texas Tech Quarterback Zebbie Lethridge:

(On the opener) "This game was very important because it was a conference game. This is a hard place to play and a tough place to win."

(On the attack) "We did an excellent job on offense today, but we need to execute better. We felt we could win if we played 60 minutes. It was very frustrating because we had a tendency to bog down on their 30 or 40 yard line. K-State is a great team, they stepped it up when they had to."

(On Tech's last play) "We thought it was a do-or-die situation and the play could have gone either way. I thought the ground caused the ball to come loose, but that is not the way it turned out. I feel K-State got lucky today to come away with a win."

Texas Tech Running Back Byron Hanspard:

(On K-State's defense) "We tried to run in the middle and they were stacking us, so it forced us to run outside.

"Their defense was powerful. K-State is one of the best teams in the nation."

(On Texas Tech's game) "We had a lot of mental busts. We made our own mistakes."

(On Zebbie's play) "We never felt we were out of it, because Zebbie is a running quarterback."

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