From The Locker Rooms...

TT Offensive Lineman Dan Kauffman:
(On the attack) "Our offense came out today. We strive for excellence. Byron (Hanspard) is great because he gives the whole line credit."

(On OSU) "They gave out, got winded, conditioning problems."

TT Quarterback Zebbie Lethridge:
(On Big 12 play) "Last week was tough and we have room to get better. OSU is a great team and program."

(On Hanspard) "He stepped up, breaking tackles and just being there. The first quarter scoring drive gave us energy and we took advantage of it."

TT Kicker Jaret Greaser:
(On kicking) "I was told a week ago that I was going to start. I got lucky to get in there and I thank the Lord. I took one FG at a time. I was nervous at first. Scoval (Field) and Kauffman blocked great."

TT Defensive Lineman Corey Chandler:
(On playing) "It's great to play on the defensive line, three guys will always cover for you. SWARM keeps intensity up. Playing well and winning is great."

TT Receiver Tony Darden:
(On his special day for Tech) "The Lord opens doors and all I did was run though them. The off-season training helped me get strong. No sign of last week's ankle injury. The OSU defense started getting tired.

"Always trust God when playing football. Everybody is praying for me, I can't help but to succeed. I'm not worried about winning the Heisman Trophy, what happens, happens."

OSU Linebacker Andrel Waddle:
(On Hanspard) "Coming into the game we knew we were going to have to contain him. We knew he was going to do what it took for his team to win the game. He runs hard and we missed a couple of tackles."

OSU Defensive Back R.W. McQuarters:
(On Hanspard) "He's pretty good, you saw the game. We just couldn't contain him. We all missed our assignments and we all missed tackles. He's one of the best backs, but he's not the best we've faced."

(On the game) "I felt we had a chance to win the game after getting a win last week."

(On tackling Hanspard that much) "That's what I'm back there for....to make tackles."

(On OSU's attitude) "A lot of guys are hurt. A lot of guys were tired, but we're not down. We've just got to go out and get ready for Tulsa next week."

OSU Quarterback Chris Chaloupka:
(In general) "They definitely came at us a lot faster than last week's opponent. They stepped it up a notch. This week we didn't come out to play."

(If he was frustrated) "It was very frustrating out there. I could have made a copuple more plays. We've just got to iron our problems out and get ready for next week."

(On finding out he was starting) "We found out last night that I would be starting. It was kind of a last minute deal. I did not get nervous until this morning."


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