From The Locker Rooms.......

Texas Tech Quarterback Zebbie Lethridge:

(On the Red Raiders first game at Jones Stadium) "It felt really good to play at home. I was amazed at how many yards we had on offense."

Texas Tech Place-Kicker Jaret Greaser:

(On the win over Utah State) "As a team we did really great. We are really looking forward to playing Baylor coming in and getting our first Big 12 home win."

Texas Tech Linebacker Robert Johnson:

(On the key to the win) "We really had a great defensive scheme for Utah State."

Texas Tech Cornerback Duane Price:

(On his interception) "When I caught that interception, I guess I was in the right place at the right time. The Georgia game was a heartbreaker, but tonight we pulled together as a team and took control."

Texas Tech Defensive End Tony Daniels:

(On his fellow defender and his influence on the rest of the team) "Robert Johnson was going crazy out there. We need to go out there every week and make things happen. We need to take control. We have a new name for our defense - 'The Hit Squad.' We are not looking to lose at home ever."

Texas Tech Flanker Stacy Mitchell:

(On his touchdown) "I was determined to get in the end zone."

Utah State defender Johndale Carty:

(On the Red Raiders' offensive stars) "I don't judge a running back until I play against him. (Byron) Hanspard proved he was good. He is a great running back. Zebbie (Lethridge) is extremely good. The injuries on our defense really hurt us tonight. We just need to pull together."

Utah State defender Danilo Robinson:

(On the Aggies' containment on Lethridge) "Going into the game we were worried about Zebbie's scrambling abilities. We did a pretty good job of keeping him in the lane and not allowing him to scramble."

Utah State Running Back Abu Wilson:

(On his pursuit of the school rushing mark and the team's performance) "The school rushing record means nothing to the other 60 guys. We thought we could move the ball against anyone, but turnovers killed us. We can't be a great team until we stop turning the ball over. Texas Tech did exactly what we thought they'd do. We made Tech look great. They are a good team. We'll bounce back."


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