Off The Practice Field...Coach Spike Dykes

On this week's opponent, Kansas:
"Now all of our focus is toward Kansas. I still believe this - you win and lose football games during the week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday is really how you win football games. The way you practice is so important to the way you play. I think our people understand just exactly what is staring at us in the face. Kansas is a good, good football team. They've been ranked for much of the last two years. They were a top-10 team a year ago.

"They've got a great runner. They've got a great quarterback. They've got a big, strong offensive line. They are prolific at running the football.

"On defense, they make big plays. They've got team speed. They've got size. They've got all the qualities.

"The kicking game is what scares you the most about Kansas. Against Oklahoma, they returned a punt 95 yards for a touchdown, they returned a kickoff 101 yards for a touchdown, they block a field goal and went 50 yards for a touchdown. Twenty-one points in the kicking game. Otherwise it would have been a close ballgame.

"So, they've got a lot of weapons, there is no question about that. They've got a lot of momentum. They are hard to beat in Lawrence. So, we've got our work cut out for us. The players do understand what's staring them in the face and I believe they'll get after it."

On June Henley:
"Henley is a great back. He's 215 pounds, big tailback type runner, Bam Morris-looking guy. He has good speed, he is not a blazer. He is hard to tackle. People tackle him, they don't wrap him up and he runs through the tackle. He is strong, he's got a little Earl Campbell in him. He is more that kind of runner. More Bam kind of runner than he is a Byron type runner. Really breaks a lot of tackles. He has got great cut back ability. He has great eyes. He has good hands, he catches the ball well out of the backfield, a lot of screens to him. He has great balance. He is a good football player. Really, a good football player.

"You've got to work hard on tackling. We'll work a lot on tackling. You've got to wrap him up. This guy is different. He will run smooth over you, yet he sees soft spots, he sees places to cut back. He's got great vision. I guess that's why he is one of the top rushers in the nation. He's got a lot of raw talent."

On Injuries:
"The game turned up no new injuries. We've got a few nagging injuries. Anthony Armour has a chance to come back. I don't know, we'll know after Tuesday's practice how well he'll do. P.J. Jasin probably will not play this week. He's still got the affects of a concussion."

On the Baylor win:
"We had a great Homecoming. I don't know if you could ask for a better scenario. We had a great crowd, tremendous student body turnout. Everything was good. It was a great ballgame. Baylor has been a rival of ours for years and a real natural rival. We've had a great relationship with them. It's been a real good honest-to-goodness rivalry that has respect on both sides. Every year that football game is important to either team. It's nice to win it, especially after you lose it last year the way we did.

"I thought we did what we had to do to win the game. We set out with some goals with some things we had to do and some things we could not do."

On scoring 14 points before half-time:
"We got the football two minutes in the first half. Boy, we had a great drive down and scored, engineered by Zebbie (Lethridge). A lot of audible at the line of scrimmage. A lot of good heads up play by our guys getting out of bounds. It really proved to be a turning point in the game. The score was 17 to 10 at the time. It looked like to me that Baylor really had a lot of momentum. They certainly had their level of confidence back. They were playing extremely good. That drive really took a lot of wind out of their sails I think. Then we kicked off to them. Jody Brown had the sack, Montae Reagor picked the ball up and went in the end zone. We had a 14-point turnaround in no time at all. That proved to be the difference. It's important how you go into the locker room (at the half). When you go with a lot of confidence, you go in juiced up and excited. I really think it carries over."

On Offense & Defense:
"The offense continues to do some things you like to do. They start the game off nearly every ballgame with a drive that is a good, productive drive for points. That sort of sets the tone for the day. It really does. That's everybody's goal, but it's really hard to achieve. This team has done it extremely well.

"On defense, you like to get them three downs and out and we've do a pretty good job of that early in the ballgame. The defense played well. Anthony Armour, our leading tackler didn't play. Ryan Donahue came in his place and did an excellent job. Jody Brown continues to make big plays from the raider position. Robert Johnson continues to make a lot of plays. Those bookend ends, Tony Daniels and Montae Reagor, both are improving their play. We were a little bit porous on pass defense. We got turned around. We got our back to the ball, got our back to the quarterback. We made some mistakes in the pass defense area that we need to correct. This is an area of major concern."

On Byron Hanspard and the Heisman race:
"Most teams are trying to win, they are not trying to feature anything. That's the thing people get caught up in. We were talking about this to our team the other day. Heisman Trophy talk, that kind of stuff, you start thinking about all that stuff, you lose the insight of what you are playing the game for to start with. Those things happen or they don't happen.

"I think you could send everybody a Rolex watch with a face of the person on there. If you have to do that to win the prize, I don't think Byron would want it. That's the kind of guy he is. I think it should be the result of somebody doing well, somebody doing well for their team. If we are ahead 65-0, we are not going to have a running back in the ballgame running the ball trying to make yards. We just don't believe that way. Maybe that's what you need to do, I don't know, we are not going to do that. This is a team sport. It will continue to be a team sport. I don't think the parties involved in our situation want it any other way. You shouldn't have to buy your way into something. You can't ignore the talk, we've got a guy who is doing well. He is doing well because of a lot of other people. He is not doing well just because of him. He understands that."


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