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From The Locker Room . . .

Running Back Byron Hanspard
(On the game): "We came out with the same emotions that we practiced with. This was a big win for us, Kansas was ranked just a few weeks ago. We are very excited."

Cornerback Tony Darden
(On the defense): "We decided to come out there and get some turnovers. We did that and the offense stepped up and capitalized."

Quoting The Kansas Players

Wide Receiver Isaac Byrd
(On the game): "I don't think things changed in the second half, but the ball bounced our way a lot more in the first half. That's why you have to play two halves. Today they controlled the second half."

Defensive Back Tony Blevins
(On defensive play): "Defense was put in some tough situations and twice we held them to a field goal. We didn't play poorly, but the way we played wasn't good enough."

Quarterback Matt Johner
(On Texas Tech defense): "When teams are playing an eight man front you have to throw the ball because there are only three guys back there. We knew coming in we would have to throw the ball."

(On second half performance): "You have to score points in the second half if you want to win. You can' t just win the first half you have to win both halves to win the game."

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