Off The Practice Field....Head Coach Spike Dykes

(On Nebraska) "Now we've got staring us in the face probably the best team in America. Nebraska is fresh off a 49-0 win over Baylor in sort of an effortless victory. It looked like they just plowed through them. They've got so darn many weapons on the offensive side of the football that they have the ability to attack every area and attack it well. So, we'll have to be at our very best on Saturday to make it competitive.

"I think their defense continues to be awesome. It just gets a little bit better every time I see them. Offensively, they don't have the trigger man that they've had, but it looks like they're spreading it out a lot more."

(On how to beat Nebraska) "When you're got a team like Nebraska ini your conference, beating them would sure give you a shot in the arm and it gives you some credibility.

"If you're a competitor, it is really fun to go and play against a great football team. We're going to have to go play a perfect ball game and then I think you need a little dame fortune in your corner every once in a while.

"Football is such a funny game and if you make a new plays at the right time you've got a chance to hang in there, and if you do that you may have a chance to win a ball game. In college football, I don't believe anybody every goes into a game without a chance to win. I can't believe that. Every once in a while those things happen and you're right in the middle of a ball game. When you've got proof of what can happen, then that is a lot better than a tale."

(On Byron Hanspard) "If you're a runner and you go run four times and you get nothing, and you're not a patient guy, you say 'well, this is a bad day.' But you can't afford to do that because the next one may be the big one and I think that is certainly one of Byron's attributes that he has improved on."

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