Coaches Review The Battle . . .

Texas Tech Coach Spike Dykes:

"A bad ole finish for a pretty good start. They had us right where they wanted us. I am proud of our football team for not quitting. Our kicking game got us out of a hole. Nebraska had a lot of fire power, especially rushing the passer. We did a good job in the first half. The defense played well today, especially with the position they were put in today. Offense had a hard time going in. They had a hard time moving the football. The field position dictated whether we could be back into the game. Overall, it was a tough loss and the guys put alot into the game. It is hard to win when you fumble the first possession. You have to be able to overcome those things to play good football."

Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne:

"I am very pleased that we won. Tech has a great team. But we won it. They don't get beat much on this field. Our kicking game was good and the defense played well. We had mistake or two but we were good overall. I am disappointed on our offensive execution. It has to improve. The noise wasn't a problem. Scott Frost handled it well. Tech is certainly a top-20 team and under the right circumstances, a top-10 team. Tech is very good. The have a tough defense, a good offense with a lot of speed and they scored one touchdown on our offense. They were a much better team than we played last week. They may be the best team we've played. Tech fans put a lot into it. But, our turnovers nearly killed us. We played very well on defense and we moved the ball well enough to win the game. Tech is capable of playing very good football. We were offsides because we went when we heard the sound and not when the ball was moved. Hanspard is a very good back. He is an excellent player. He is quick, durable and strong. This was a physical hard- hitting game and we got beat up. It is a possibility that we could meet in St. Louis. There is a lot of football to be played. If Tech plays like they did today, they have a good shot of winning their division."


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