From The Locker Room . . .

Texas Tech RB Sammy Morris:

(On the game): "We were a little frustrated at the end of the game, but we stuck with it and pulled it out. We kept driving and trying to get the ball in the endzone."

(On his TD reception): "The cornerback kept deying on Byron and I just ran on him. They (A&M defense) cut across the field."

(On the A&M defense): "For the most part, we proved we could move the ball against this team."

Texas Tech Rb Byron Hanspard:

(On the victory): "You just have to have faith. We just kept our confidence up and kept believing in God and we pulled this game out. They were all tough yards, but if you trust in God, it will all work out."

Texas Tech Qb Zebbie Lethridge:

(On his early fumble): "When I funbled early on the bootleg, we came back and told our coaches to go for it on the backside because if we were going to have a big play, it was going to happen then."

(On A&M): "A&M is a good team. They are physical, tough and fast. We just wanted more than them."

(On TD pass to Morris): "Sam was wide open and he did a good job of catching it and running with it. We had the bootleg left, we had good protection, and Sammy was wide open."

(On the victory): "This was a big win, and I think this will get us over the hump. The Big 12 is not easy. It's going to be a fight every week."

Texas Tech Lb Robert Johnson:

(On the win): "This was one of the biggest wins for us all year. I admire A&M and Coach Slocum. They have a good team."

(On defense): "That is what defense is all about. You have to stop the ball in any situation. We talked about playing a full sixty minutes and that is what we did."

(On the season): "We have a lot of ball games left. We still have to finish out playing. From the beginning of the year we knew our schedule was tough and this is the second round of that tough schedule."

Texas A&M Qb Brandon Stewart:

(On the game): "We were just trying to work the ball downfield and if we got a touchdown that would be fine. We were maily trying to get within field goal range and put it into overtime. We completed some passes and moved the ball well, but just got stuck in a fourth down situation. They played well on defense and covered the receivers well. I think they played hard on defense and didn't make a lot of mistakes."

(On the rest of the season): "It's going to be a character check for most of the guys. I think most of the guys have handled the rough times well this season. I think they will try to finish up with some wins and make the most of the season."

Texas A&M Og Calvin Collins:

(On the loss): "It's a gut check. We need to go out Monday and practice hard and get better. We didn't make the plays we needed to on offense. We took too long to make adjustments and their defense played well."

Texas A&M Ng Edward Jasper

(On the losing season): "Mistakes are what have kept us down all year long. I don't think we've played a team better than us this season, but we always find a way to self-destruct. I'm not shocked, I'm not stunned, I'm mad. The reason I'm mad is because we could just as easily have the season the other way around with some plays here and there. We made mistakes throughout the game that we shouldn't make. They are things we go over every day in practice."


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