From The Locker Room . . .

Texas Tech running back Byron Hanspard:
(On the offense): "Offense did a wonderful job. Zebbie kept his composure. I wish we could have done more. We just lost to a good Texas team and Texas offense. Today was a very off day. The Lord knows what I need and the most important part is knowing Jesus and focusing on him and he will help us with our game. I could have made some cuts or some better plays. I have to work on some things this week. Texas was prepared to stop me, and when they key in on one person, I am bound to have an off day."

Texas Tech receiver Donnie Hart:
(On his TD's): "The first touchdown was a great call by Coach Dykes and Zebbie did a great job getting the ball to me. The coaching staff had a great plan coming into the game and Zebbie was delivering the ball on cue. We showed a lot of character tonight, but we had too many penalties and too many "what ifs". We've got to bounce back. We can't let this get in out way."

Texas Tech quarterback Zebbie Lethridge:
(On the game plan): "We knew coming into the game that they would be keyed on Byron. Donnie stepped up today and played up to his capabilities. On his first touchdown, he did a great job running a good route behind the safety. As the game went on, he started making plays and I gained confidence in him. We can't let our heads down now. We've got to finish the season strong. We had too many penalties. You have to take advantage of every opportunity to put points on the board."

Texas Tech defensive tackle Cory Chandler:
(On Tech's play): "We did a better job in the second half. When we got both offensive and defensive units working performance was better and it was easier to do our job. I thought the way our offense was playing, we'd be able to pull off a win."

Texas Tech defensive end Tony Daniels:
(On Texas): "Texas did everything they were supposed to do. Their change up with their passing game really hurt us. We shot ourselves in the foot a lot of times with penalties on offense and defense. We never really had a chance to prove ourselves. The game was won in the fourth quarter."

Texas kicker Phil Dawson:
(On the win): "This is the second week in a row we were able to hold on to the lead. I tried not to think about the final kick. It's just my job. I hate being a kicker, because I wish I was out there more."

Texas quarterback James Brown:
(On the game): "We used a lot of offense. Tech came out big at half. They were ready to play, but we dug down deep. The Lord was with us in the fourth quarter. We got the ball to a lot of people. I don't know why we are not scoring more. The offensive line did a great job. They won the game for us. To win this game makes it that much more important to win the next one. This is a big boost of confidence. We have a different attitude about the team. Coach Mack ovic calls the plays and I just run them. Knowing the Tech game plan helped us out in this game."

Texas running back Rickey Williams:
(On the end of the game): "We had some big plays on that last drive. We've learned a lesson about playing the whole game. We know now we can win on the road."


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