Coaches Review The Battle . . .

Texas Tech Head Coach Spike Dykes:
(On the victory): "That wasn't anything but nice. When you play a team like that it scares you. We had to deliver and we did. It was a nice win. They have a good offense and a good team. Nelson Stokley is an outstanding football coach. I thought Zebbie did well passing and we made some good plays. Hanspard ran well. You get used to him playing well. Our guys went to work and routinely did what they had to do to win the game. It was another day with red flags. And that's frustrating. This win makes next week a big game for us. We got Byron Hanspard his 2,000 yards. 2,000 yards is really a hurdle because it is unbelievable and monumental. I think he is a smart runner, quite a young man and quite a leader. We played probably 100 kids today. It was the last game in this complex for a lot of those guys and that is sad. If my arithmatic is good there is no way in the world the Big 12 can have six teams with six wins. We have a good opportunity for a bowl game."

USL Head Coach Nelson Stokley:
(On the season): "It is good that the season is finally over. I wish we could have ended it with a win. Texas Tech runs the ball better than anybody we have faced. We really had a hard time against the run today. Tech didn't need any help. Their offense was terrific. Their defense was so speedy and quick. We really had a hard time in the first half with the wind and the weather throwing the ball. I thought we came out in the second half and executed better with our offense."

(On the end of the season): "We really ran out of gas toward the end of the season. Texas Tech does really well what we can't stop on defense. We haven't been able to stop the run and they do it better than anybody we've played. That's why I knew it was going to be an uphill struggle. We've played good against teams that throw the ball. But people that can really run the ball, we have a hard time with."

(On USL's defense): "We came out in the first quarter and it looked like we were going to play really well defensively. And, then we just lost it once they got it going and got it rolling we couldn't stop them. I think once we get past this game and reflect back on some of the things that happened this year there's a lot more positives than negatives. These guys worked awful hard all year. We didn't have any problems with them, they were a lot of fun to coach. They worked hard and for the most part they played hard."

(On extra chances after penalties): "They didn't need any help. Unfortunately we gave them some opportunities when we felt like we had them stopped. Two times we did it on the kicking game. And, both times they took it and scored. They are awful good offensively. Everybody saw what they did against Texas. They just came up a few points short. They are a heck of a good football team."


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