From The Locker Room . . .

Texas Tech Running Back Byron Hanspard:
(On the game): "The offensive line did a wonderful job of blocking. I had a lot of opportunities today. (Going over 2,000 yards) is a blessing. I am not a person that is for awards. I jus go about my business. Casey (Jones), Ben (Kaufman), Ryan (Jones), did a good job of blocking on that play (record-breaking play). USL has an excellent team. We did not take them lightly. It was hard at first but once the offensive line started blocking everything just opened up for us. 2,000 yards is a goal I set before the season. You can't rush for 2,000 with out a good line."

Texas Tech Offensive Lineman Casey Jones:
(On TD play): "I went over that play so many times in my mind. I knew what I was going to do. I would have been scoring all of the time if I knew I would get this much publicity."

Texas Tech Quarterback Zebbie Lethridge:
(On Byron Hanspard): "Byorn is a special guy. He has been since he's been here. He is well deserving of all his honors. The sky is the limit for him. I have to give credit to the offensive line. Without them it would not have been possible for Byron. They work hard every play."

(When the game was 7-7): "If we let USL stay in the game it would have been tough. Things have worked out for us to get in a bowl game. I have been blessed to be in a bowl game every year that I have been here. We have to cap the season off as successfully as possible. There is still a chance we could be in St. Louis. Right now we have to prepare for OU. It always feels good to win at home, especially in the last game. We had to bounce back after the loss to UT and get another win. Overall it was a big win all around."

Texas Tech Safety Dane Johnson:
(On turnovers): "The turnover was a big play. The interception really helped spark everything. We think we can go to a bowl. One more win will secure it for sure. We have a big game coming up. USL had a good quarterback, two good wide receivers and a good running back. In the first half they swarmed the ball. We had to stop them early."

Texas Tech Linebacker Robert Johnson:
(On the senior game): "I really didn't think too much about it being my last game. We had to go out and execute plays. The offense did a great job of picking up where they left off. USL ran different routes than expected. We came back and took care of business. We knew had to play good to win."

USL Quarterback Jake Delhomme:
(On the season): It has been fun. I wish we could have ended with a win, Their team is explosive and I'm very impressed with them. You have to give them credit. They just kept pouring it on and we couldn't keep it up. We were disappointed not to get anything with the wind at our backs. Their defensive backs absolutely molested our receivers. So, they were always having to break off their routes. Breaking the records are going to mean a lot to me down the road. The thing I am most proud of is I was able to play four years without having an injury. That means a lot to me. I've been lucky. It's been fun. Our center, Ben Archer, his brother was Tommy Hudson's center at LSU. So, Ben and I were to break his older brother and Tommy's record."

USL Safety Damon Mason:
(On the game): "The defense kept us in the game early on. We knew we had to step it up against the run coming in. Hanspard doesn't look real impressive on film but he is a lot better in person. The man is truly blessed."

USL Running Back Kenyon Cotton:
(On the game): "It wasn't in the cards for us to win today. The weather was terrible. We needed to score early when we had the wind."

(On the last TD): "It was good to go out on a run like that. But we really wanted to win here today. This would have been a real big win for us. I don't know if they are better than A&M but they played like it today. This team has been through so much here. So much adversity. I thought the defense and offense were really up to playing today. They did what they had to do to win. Hanspard is a great back. And their defense did what they were supposed to do - hold us enough for those guys to get on track. Then, after that, they let our mistakes take over."


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