Coaches Review The Battle . . .

Texas Tech Coach Spike Dykes:

(About The Game): "It was a nice for us. When we are playing to improve our position in a bowl andoing against a team like OU that is in transition, it scares the dickens out of you because their players are playing for pride and letting it all go.

"Our defense did a magnificent job. The goal line stand and the blocked field goal were very big and came at crucial times in the game. About the only negative thing was our tackling. We did work on it, we work on it everyday, but a runner like Eric Moore makes you look bad."

(On OU Stopping Byron Hanspard): e were inept at running the ball because Oklahoma's defensive lineman and linebackers did an outstanding job. Our linemen didn't get blocks on them all day. That's about the worst we have run the ball in a long time, and OU's front line people are the reason.

"The new word in football is 'box.' They put a bunch of folks in the box (on the line of scrimmage) to stop the run. That's when we threw the ball because that is what they gave us."

(On Tech QB Zebbie Lethridge): "Zebbie loves games like this. He made some fitting plays and some good decisions. These types of games are right up his alley. He's not an NFL prime time player, but he's learning."

Oklahoma Coach John Blake:

(On The Season): "This is behind us now. The year is over. We had a lot to learn this year, and we did a good job with what we had. We will evaluate the whole situation of this football team."

(On The Future): "We have got to recruit and develop. It is not good to throw freshmen into a game. You need to be able to put them in situations that will not be too difficult for them to showcase their talent. We will evaluate each position and recruit. We know what it takes to get there. Our coaches are committed to get the players it takes.

(On Mistakes Of The Game): "Our field goal kicker was the best last year. We need to look at films and get him some help from professionals. We also need to go out and recruit a field goal kicker and punter. We have to get back to where we need to be. Our special teams and little things could put us in situations to win games. I apologize because we didn't play well at times. We have to keep points off the board and stop them when we have to stop them. We didn't get it done. Our defense played outstanding at times.

"We could have made some things happen today, but one area really got exposed. Our offensive line got exposed and couldn't protect the quarterback and block the run. I feel good about our recruiting and this is not the NFL with the salary cap, so we can go out and recruit."

(On The Seniors): "They are hurt because it is over. The players hate what took place here at Oklahoma. They are hurt because this football team is over and now they have to face life. Some will play in the NFL, but others won't. They feel a part of Oklahoma and this program now."

(On The Fan Support): "I would like to thank the fans. They pulled us through a lot of games and tough times. They cheered us on and the fans carried this team through."


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