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Spike Dykes Comments

(On # 56 John Abendschan):
"John paid his dues, waited his turn and has made a great contribution to our football team this year. He has started some, played a lot and is a very active football player. He is really good at making plays.

(On # 94 Kyle Allamon):
"Kyle has really developed after having knee surgery when he was a freshman. Being redshirted, he has come on this year and really done well. His ability to block is very, very good. He brings a lot to the table at tight end.

(On # 37 Anthony Armour):
"He is injured and will not play in the bowl game. He is one of our team leaders. After three games, he was the leading tackler. We miss him dearly. He is a really great, great football player and one of our captains. He is very special to us.

(On # 18 Sheldon Bass):
"He's had a disappointing year. He has been injured a little bit and has been sick a little bit. He has great ability. As a sophomore, we really thought he would be an All-American before he finished playing. He missed last year due to a broken collarbone. So, maybe this little break in the season will help and he will come back and have a good bowl game.

(On # 3 Darwin Brown):
"He is a backup guy and a young player. He has excellent speed and comes from a great program. He knows what it takes to win, and I think he has a great future ahead of him.

(On # 30 Jody Brown):
"He took the place of Marcus Coleman at a position that really was a big-play position for us. Jody has really maintained that legacy right on down through this year. He is an outstanding football player, an outstanding leader and has made a lot of big plays.

(On # 48 Eric Butler):
"Eric Butler has developed into one of the really, really fine outstanding inside linebackers in our conference. He started out strong, he got injured and most of the midseason he was 'ho-hum.' His best game of the season was against Oklahoma in the last game. He really has a lot of ability to make big plays.

(On # 15 Sone Cavazos):
"Sone Cavazos is really what it is all about. He is the backup quarterback. He has done a magnificent job. He is a team leader. He is probably one of the most unselfish young men I've every had anything to do with. He is one of the reasons we are where we are today.

(On # 93 Corey Chandler):
"Corey is a guy that walked on. He has worked really hard to develop and has developed into a fine defensive tackle. He has a great future ahead of him. He really does make a lot of big plays, and he has got a lot of ability.

(On # 46 Keith Cumby):
"Keith has played himself into a stellar role after making a position change. He was a linebacker last year. He has moved to defensive end this year. He gets better every ballgame. His best ballgame of the season was probably the last game against Oklahoma.

(On # 86 Tony Daniels):
"He is probably one of the better defensive ends in the country. He really has the ability to make big plays. He made so many big plays against Texas A&M. I don't think I've ever seen a guy playing any position make any more. He is an excellent football player.

(On # 21 Tony Darden):
"He really has made a great adjustment. He was a good quarterback, and had a great, great season at wide receiver. Then he asked to be moved to defense because he felt like it was more natural for him. He is really a good cornerback. He has a chance to really be a big-time player before he gets through.

(On # 45 Ryan Donahue):
"Ryan Donahue is probably one of the big surpises on our football team. Ryan has played so well and played a lot this year. A backup to Zach Thomas for a long time, he didn't play a whole lot until this year. He is a great special teams player. He has played with a lot of injuries and done a great job.

(On # 24 Matt DuBuc):
"I don't know how you describe Matt DuBuc. He is a 'johnny of many, many hats.' He is a guy who returns punts, returns kickoffs, plays wide receiver, plays tailback. He is a very, very team-oriented person. He is a great contributor to our football team and a great competitor.

(On # 24 Tim Duffie):
"Tim has come on this year. He was a redshirt freshman who had never played. He started playing inside linebacker when Anthony Armour got hurt. Tim has been cast into duty a little earlier than he expected. He really has made some great plays.

(On # 68 Shane Dunn):
"Shane Dunn is a great example of guy who comes into a program who just wants to know what he can do to make a contribution. He has waited his turn. He has played great this year.

(On # 22 Adrian Ervin):
"Adrian Ervin is probably the best second-team tailback around anywhere. Adrian has a great attitude. He is very unselfish. It is pretty hard to play behind Byron Hanspard. But Adrian has handled it and handled it well.

(On # 31 Joe Fite):
"Joe Fite is going home to San Antonio for the bowl game. He plays on all special teams. He is a backup safety for us, makes a lot of big plays, and is extremely aggressive. He has got speed and has got a good future ahead of him.

(On # 97 Jaret Greaser):
"He has really emerged as a great kicker. He started out as a second-team kicker this year. We really thought that is the way it would be. But, he has done so well and has such a strong leg. I don't know if there is a guy with a stronger leg kicking anywhere in the country.

(On # 4 Byron Hanspard):
"I don't know what you say about Byron that has not already been said. The Doak Walker winner, he has made every All-American team that has come out. He is an all-conference player, but more importantly he is an unselfish player. He is one of the most outstanding young people I've ever been associated with in my life. What a joy to be around. He is the true epitome of what it is all about.

(On # 82 Donnie Hart):
"He started off the season and played extremely well against Kansas State. He got knocked out and missed a couple of weeks. He came back sort of slow. We were worried. Then in the Texas game, he went wild and caught pass after pass. He has really developed into one of the better wide receivers in the Big 12.

(On # 14 Jeremy Hernandez):
"Jeremy has had sort of an interesting year. Through about four games, he was one of the top 10 punters in the nation. Then we went about five weeks in a row where all of his punts were into the wind. He struggled a little bit and his average fell off. He hung in there and hung in there and he has really done a nice job for us. He is consistent and really is a competitor. We expect a lot out of him next year.

(On # 95 P.J. Jasin):
"He waited his turn. Then this year, after Brad Spinks got hurt, he really has done a great job. He has handled it all very well. He is good tight end. He has good hands and is a good blocker.

(On # 13 Dane Johnson):
"He is one of our team captains. He is a great football player who makes a lot of plays for us. He is one of the leaders on our football team.

(On # 7 Robert Johnson):
"Robert Johnson is a young man you can't say enough about. I don't know if Robert Johnson has any equals. He is a great outside linebacker. He does well in the classroom, and he does well on the field. He is a leader. He is a captain. He is a guy that makes big plays.

(On # 65 Casey Jones):
"Casey has had a frustrating year. He has been off-and-on as far as his eligibility is concerned. He went through all that. He has played under a lot of pressure. He is a fine young man and a great football player.

(On # 90 Jason Jones):
"What a joy, what a pleasure and what a surprise he is. We felt like Jason was a good recruit and that he would play eventually in the defensive line. He played against Nebraska when he was 17 years old. He played a lot of football this year. He is going to be a great football player.

(On # 43 Ryan Jones):
"Talk about unselfish. This is where it starts. He came in here and did a good job. We moved him to fullback last year from outside linebacker. He is a good blocker. He has good hands and he is a team-oriented person.

(On # 75 Ben Kaufman):
"He has achieved All-Big 12 status. He gets better every week. He is a tremendous offensive lineman. Ben has a great work ethic. He is real prize for (line coach) Ted Unbehagen. Ted has developed him into one of the finest lineman in the country.

(On # 8 Zebbie Lethridge):
"Zebbie is the most fierce competitor I think I've ever been around. He started off kind of slow this year. Everything is not the prettiest thing you've every seen, but I'll tell you this, Zebbie is a guy that gives you a chance to win. Every play the ball is in his hands, you've got a chance to go all the way.

(On # 84 Josh Masburn):
"Josh walked on here. He is an old journeyman football player. He played tight end for a long time. We ran low at defensive tackle this year, and Josh moved over to that position and did well. He is one of those seniors who will do anything in this world to help our football team.

(On # 5 Kevin McCullar):
"He has waited his turn. He started out at outside linebacker and moved inside when Anthony Armour got hurt. He is an outstanding football player. He'll be one of the better players in the country before his career is over.

(On # 74 Cody McGuire):
"Cody McGuire is one of those guys who makes football fun. He is a great guy to coach. He does a tremendous job. He is a hard-nosed football player. He plays with great intensity. Cody is an amazing guy.

(On # 17 Malcom McKenzie):
"Malcom is a tremendous wide receiver. He has had peaks and valleys. He has had a frustrating year, too. There was some question about his eligibility for a couple of games. He was sort of on the borderline. He has really come back and played well lately.

(On # 6 Stacy Mitchell):
"Stacy is real steady who does a lot of things for us very well despite his small size. He is a wide receiver and kick returner who has done a nice job. He has made a lot of contributions to this football team.

(On # 9 Rob Peters):
"He has a tremendous future ahead of him. He has all the attributes that you look for. He is a young quarterback. He has a great arm, he has a great mind, he is a tremendous student. He has tremendous leadership abilities.

(On # 1 Duane Price):
"I don't know if you can say enough about Duane. Duane has split time at safety this year. He has played on all the special teams. He has made a lot of big plays this year. He is a tremendous, unselfish football player.

(On # 63 Jay Pugh):
"He was a pretty good center a year ago and then Jay really did upgrade his performance this year. He is a lot quicker. He makes a lot of calls up in the offensive line. He is really going to be a great football player next year as a senior.

(On # 34 Montae Reagor):
"He has All-American written all over him. I think his future is bright. He is a tremendous football player, a great athlete and a great person. He is a tremendous leader for a young guy. He has been a very positive influence on our football team.

(On # 27 Rudy Renda):
"He was thrown into service when our fullback situation got low. He has done an outstanding job. A walk-on, he is a very hard worker. He really has prepared for this opportunity and is not going to let it get by.

(On # 2 Clint Robertson):
"Clint has a big-time future. He has done a nice job of returning kicks and punts. He is a great tailback. I think when his time comes, he will really light up the scoreboard.

(On # 98 Tony Rogers):
"He started out as our kicker this year. Tony is a great kicker and a solid young man. He fell on hard times a little bit in the first ballgame and missed a few. Jaret Greaser came in and took over, and Tony has had a hard time getting back on the field.

(On # 89 Taurus Rucker):
"One of most tireless workers on our football team. I don't guess we have anyone who works any harder than Taurus. He is a very dedicated, team-oriented person. He plays his tail off. He is all over the field.

(On # 67 Lynn Scherler):
"Unfortunatley, Lynn had knee surgery after the Oklahoma game and will not play in the bowl game. Lynn has done a fantastic job for us. He is an eight-man football player from Colorado. He has come down here and really worked hard to become a fine, fine football player.

(On # 87 Field Scovell):
"This is a story in itself. Field walked-on here and quickly earned a scholarship. He goes unnoticed with all the things he does. He is the holder for all our field goals and extra-points. He is really a big-time contributor to our football program. He is a great student and a great ambassador for Texas Tech.

(On # 83 Kyle Shipley):
"He is another player who has big-time written all over him. When we've asked him to do something, he has really done it well. He has played on all special teams. He has really developed into a good football player.

(On # 28 Oscar Solis):
"Anything you ask Oscar to do, he does. He is on all the special teams. He is not a bad cornerback either. He gives you 110 percent.

(On # 85 Brad Spinks):
"Brad Spinks walked on at Texas Tech. He was deep snapper for a couple of years. He worked extremely hard and developed into the starting tight end. He has done a great job. This year, Brad hurt his knee. It's been a tough blow because he is such a fine tight end and a great deep snapper. It's hurt our team.

(On # 21 Corey Turner):
"He started out as a fair cornerback. I thought every week, somebody was going to beat him out. As the season went one, he just worked and worked and worked and worked. He really has gotten a lot better. He's got a lot of grit to him. He brings a lot to the table as far as his enthusiasm.

(On # 57 Kevin Ward):
"He walked on at Texas Tech. He has worked himself into a player and a part-time starter into center. When Brad Spinks got hurt, he stepped in and did a nice job at deep snapper. He is a great example of what a guy does who is really dedicated with a commitment.

(On # 66 Chris Whitney):
"He has had an outstanding year. We thought he would be a pretty good lineman. He came back this fall and was playing tackle and doing a pretty good job. Then the Casey Jones saga hit, and Chris was moved to guard and he has had a great year. He is one of the finest interior offensive lineman we've had around here in a long time.


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