Oct. 11, 1997

Texas Tech-Kansas Postgame Quotes

Texas Tech

Head Coach Spike Dykes

"I tell you it was a hard fought-hard earned game. Kansas has a good football team. They have a great defensive team. They came to play just an old fashioned shoot-out. I thought we did a good job. I thought we overcame some things. We got started really good offensively. Defense, I thought was stellar. It was the best defensive game we have played in a long, long time. There were a ton of great plays. Defensive coaches served a great plan. All of them did a great job. The kids played hard and smart. We got a punt blocked. That is a bad thing. It puts a bad taste in your mouth like eating sour pickles. We just weren't ready. We still can't put everything together. It was great to beat Kansas. We have a lot of respect for Kansas. We did a decent job. We were not quite as consistent the second offensivley as we should have been. We lost two big catalyst on the offensive team. I though we all came in and did a great job."

Cody McGuire

"That was our job to keep them out. Our special teams played great and gave us the position on the field. Coach Goodner has confidence in us to shut down the running game. Nebraska has All-American offensive linemen. We are going to have to prepare well in practice."

Ricky Williams

"We had the chanceto run the ball today. Our passing game against Baylor was good so we knew we'd have the chance to run the ball tonight, since they would be keying in on the passing game tonight. We executed well tonight we got a couple of new plays in."

"Kansas had a great defense. We still have a lot to work on. I jumped off sides a couple of times. We got a lot of flags and penalties. Otherwise we did a pretty good job on most plays we ran."

"Our offensive line did great. We executed the new plays perfectly and got the yards we needed. I dedicated it to the offensive line. They pushed and we got the yards."

Montae Reagor

"Kansas had a great offense. Our defensive staff and coaches prepared us well. We swarmed the plays, hit the gaps. We did a great job."

"Defense picked it up a notch, we took it to another level. We ran to the ball. We knew if we got to the person before they got started, they would have a long night."

"We corrected the mistakes from earlier in the season. We are excited about getting things started up again."

"Kansas was doing everything they could--two or three people on one of us, thenthat left someone else to make the tackle. The team kept its focus and concentrated on what was at stake."

Dane Johnson

"We knew going in that they have a solid defense. And that if we played like we did against Baylor, then we could win the game."

Brian Roberson

"Special teams had a really good game, Jeremy and I punted well and had them inside the five a couple of times. Dane also had an excellent game. We're very pleased with the win."


Head Coach Terry Allen

"It was a very frustrating lost. We lacked offensive production. The first half we did not play good. After halftime we made adjustments. At the first our linebaskcers got exposed and out of position. Then we adjusted and kept our linebackers settled in and improved our defensive play. We gave up close to probably 400 or 500 yards. We had expected them to pass more and not rush so well. Our quarterback did okay, but he cannot throw from the back. You can't rush because they are going to come after you. The second half we kept in their offensively and stirred thing up. I can't believe as much as we were manhandled we still had a shot to win the football game. I can't say I was surprised at them running the football so well. I was disappointed in our inability to stop the run. They won the battle at the line of scrimmage."

Tony Blevins

"It is just frustrating that we could not come out and win. We have got to go back and work to get back on track. It is most important for us to come together as a team. We had a chance still at the end. That last seven they put on the board really wasn't indicative of how the game went. (On Tech's opening TD) We don't feel like we should let anyone do that to us. We made some adjustments and pulled it together."

Zac Wegner

"I thought the defense played a great game. Offensively we struggled once again. Tech stopped us when we tried to run. If we don't have balanced attack it is going to be rough. If we can't run the ball, eventually we won't be able to throw the ball."


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