Oct. 25, 1997

Post-Game Quotes

Texas Tech Head Coach Spike Dykes -
I am so juiced up. Those kids are ecstatic. We beat a good team. It wasnit all that pretty, but it was the score that counts. We overcame some mistakes. We overcame a few things in the ball game and by gosh we won it. How ebout that Tony Rogers. Pretty good little ole reincarnation. He did a great job. I think when you beat Texas A&M, you are beating a good, class program. It was a big win for us. We have great respect for Coach Slocum, their players, and their fans. Thatis why it makes it so much fun to win the game. I thought defense was sterling most of the time. The last touchdown they scored, we bent so much, we finally broke. We played a great defensive game. I thought the last drive we had was a beautiful drive. It was something that was hard to do against Texas A&M. It was a great team win against a team we have a lot of respect for. The pressure we put on the quarterback and the turnovers were important. We had the wind in the fourth quarter and it proved to be an aid to us. The kickers and punters did a good job today. The home crowd was terrific. It was a fantastic crowd. I have never seen a livelier crowd. I mean that. It was great.

Montae Reagor -
It was a big win for us. It was a long week. It wasnit easy, but we stayed focus. They did a great job of protecting the job. We focused on what we had to do and we did it. We had a few guys out. It was physical game. We had breaks and they didnit and we were successful. They did a good job of adjusting to pass rush. In the second half, the quarterback had more time. It is a great feeling and position to be in, but we have to keep our heads on straight.

Eric Butler -
Effort, effort, effort. The defensive line and the ends make it easier for everybody else

Zebbie Lethridge -
We had a lot of good things happen. We put a lot of pressure on their defense. That was a great ply by McCullar. He gave us the opportunity to put points on the board. We took advantage of that. I was able to break through and get into the end zone and score. Coach always tell us to go hard because you never can tell what can happen. You just want the chance to put six on the board. What really helped us was kicking off to A&M and they took a lot of time off the clock. Then they came up empty-handed on the drive. It felt good today. We continue to improve. Today we did anything possible to get out third win in a row. We need to continue to stay focused. We need to play hard and come up with the wins. Before you know it we will be playing in the Big 12 Championship game and that is our goal.

Tony Rogers - (on the game winning field goal)
I thought it was already through the uprights, the next thing I know I am on my back with my teammate son top of me. I just wanted an opportunity. Coach Dykes always talk about making the most of your opportunities and I got the chance to do that today. Rob Peters is the only holder I would want in a kicking situation.

Quotes from Texas A&M Head Coach R.C. Slocum-
We tried Randy as a starter because he practiced a little bit better than Brandon, so we thought weid give him a chance. Part of it was that he started of slow last week, and we thought it would have a little bit to do with the outcome of the game, so we thought weid give him a chance.i

Texas Tech had a couple of key plays this week, but we have to give our defense credit, and they did really well. We have to let them rest up this week.

This game was a good challenge for this team. We have a great opponent next week. We are 5-2 right now, and it will be interesting to see what we do as a team. We have a tough stretch in October, and it will be a real challenge to see if we can come back.

We thought weid save our time outs, and keep them for the offense, because we knew weid be in a short time situation when we got back.

Quarterback Branndon Stewart-
(After tying the game) I was really pumped up when we scored. I though we were going to win the game and I thought the defense might hold them. But, you hope it doesnit come down to a field goal. (McCown) hadnit been out the re playing a lot. Heid been kind of cold and not really in the speed of the game. So, then they looked to Randy to see what he could do.


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