Nov. 1, 1997

Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach Spike Dykes - "You talk about a hard day at the office ...a frustrating day. That was certainly one of them We blew that game a million times. I think that is what you do when you play a team that has a good defense and you have a good defense. You try to find a way to win on defense and that is what we did. But we didn't get it done. It was probably a bad play call going for the quarterback sneak. I thought it might work. It didn't work so if you are looking for someone to blame, blame me. Don't ever blame a kid for trying to win a game. That is easy to do. It was a hard knocking football game. I'll say this they certainly have some good players. They are well coached. They don't beat themselves. We played such a good defensive game today and we had a chance to win the game on defense and we just didn't get it done. The kids worked hard and they tried hard. I appreciate them. They hung in there and played hard. I really respect them and feel good about them. Good defense by them and good defense by us. I would like to be more productive on offense. I am proud of the way they played.

Head Coach Bill Snyder - "I told our defense that we have to get better on all sides of the ball. The crowning glow was down on the one yard line and getting the safety. It was a great effort from our defense and our defensive coaches. They expected to play well and they did play well. What I was pleased with was the way they went on the field with confidence and that is the mark of a tremendous team. (On Michael Bishop) Michael is as tough a player as there is. Talk about toughness, they came up and smacked him good a number of occasions. But he got back up. I anticipate he will start next week. I thought Tech's defense was outstanding today. Texas Tech is an extremely talented team. Talk about a team that swarms the football. They really get there. Offensively when they were good, we were bad and when we were good they were bad. I thought that we were not a very good football team today ...field position was a factor. It was a combination of things. There was not one individual who gave a great performance, but there were no poor performances. I was really proud of the way we hit the ball. "

Jeff Kelly - "I hit Zebbie and I didn't know where I was going. I looked at the refs and I saw Chad on top of the ball. All a defensive player wants is to be on the field and try to stop them. Zebbie is a great quarterback and plays a great game. We kept him contained. Being a defensive player, you want to be in the game at every situation and that makes a good team.

Joe Bob Clements - "Our defense was better than the A&M game because we faced adversity and our emotions was down. But we overcame it and that was key. Obviously we wanted to keep them out of the end zone. But when they get on the three or four yard line then odds are they are going to score."

Darnell McDonald - "I was really surprised that Tech has lost three or four games. Their defense is good. They did a lot of things to confuse us and get us off our game. (on Montae Reagor) We didn't think he was going to be a major player in the beginning of the season. He stepped up and was more than we expected."

Jonathan Beasley - "I know that's my job. That's what number two is. I must be mentally prepared to get into the game. Today was the best defense we played this year. They played hard every snap and never gave up. I just tried to get a first down and help the defense out."

Texas Tech Junior Cody McGuire - "We have to get back up. If we can beat Texas, we still have a great shot at the Big 12 championship game.

Texas Tech senior Eric Butler - "We will pick our heads up and come out tommorrow and get ready for Texas. (Michael) is a tremendous athlete. It was an honor to play against him. (On defense performance) I give all the credit to our coaches. With all the bad things tahathappend, it is easy tonpoint fingers But our caoches challenged us. They got us so ready for the game and I am blessed to be a part of this team. It is like a caring group of fathers. We get riled and they come over and clam us down. They are the kind of coaches that you just love."

Texas Tech freshman Ricky Williams - "They have a good defense. Not better than Nebraska or Tennessee, necessarily. We just missed too many blocks. We have to keep our heads up and focus on what we can still do this season. It is not over yet."

Texas Tech junior Jayson Hansen - "We let them control us. The defense played their best game, probably ever. We just needed to step back, refocus and start over."

Texas Tech junior Montae Reagor - "If I would have gotten in the end zone (on the interception return), the game really would have turned around. Because, our defense would have held them the rest of the way. We ran our base defense on them and did really good job of stopping (Michael) Bishop. Things didn't go our way today. We win as a team and lose as a team. We will move on and be ready for Texas.

Texas Tech senior Zebbie Lethridge - "I believed that I was in the end zone before I fumbled. That is the decision they made and we will have to live with it. They have a great defense that is ranked number five in the nation. It was an ugly offensive game. The defense gave us the opportunity to win and we couldn't do it. Everything happens for a reason. I had a bad game, I admit it. I was under a lot of presure (from KSU defense)."

Texas Tech junior Donnie Hart - (After Reagor interception) "The Kansas State defense handed it to us on a silver platter and we just didn't make the plays we needed to to score. (On injury) I think I will be okay. I didn basically the same thing to my hamstring. I was playing bad. I didnt make any plays. I am not going to make excuses about it. I feel like I let everyone down. We really thought we had a chance to beat these guys. They shut us down all day long. I had some opportunities to make some plays and I let the team down."


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