Sept. 13, 1997

Postgame Quotes

TEXAS TECH HEAD COACH SPIKE DYKES -- "I thought we did several things pretty good. I thought the best thing we did was when you lose pretty decisively the first game of the season, our guys handled it well. I though they did a good job. You win games on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, I really believe that.. The guys that practiced did an outstanding job. I am proud of the way they bounced back. They (USL) are not a bad football team. We're not saying that, I will say this, if you don't go play again you will have a heck of a hard time winning a game. I thought we never gave them a chance to get into the ball game. I am proud of our guys for that. I thought our punt returns were really good. I thought that was something our defensive staff worked on really hard. It's nice when your work on something for it to work. That sort of got us going. On offense we never punted until the third quarter. This team is young. We played a lot of players.

QUARTERBACK ZEBBIE LETHRIDGE -- "Our focus today on offense was to execute. Southwestern Lousiana did a good job on defense. They played hard. But, our offense was rolling. The protection the line gave us today was incredible. The receivers did a good job getting open. It is that type of teamwork you need for success. It was bound to happen. Today's victory gave us a lot of confidence after Tennessee. It was good to get our confidence back because we really wanted to get out and execute tonight. We continued to play with intensity and stayed focused throughout the game. I felt like we had a great rhythm on offense. We were able to do the things we wanted to do. And, we got execution from everyone and that made my job very easy."

TAILBACK RICKY WILLIAMS -- "For my first touchdown, it felt real good. I couldn't wait to get back on the field after the Tennessee game. Everybody clicked tonight. It felt good. The offensive line did real good and blocked hard. They did what they needed to do to create holes.

DEFENSIVE END MONTAE REAGOR -- "It was a great game. We worked hard all week. It was really exciting and we kept up the enthusiasm. It felt real good to have Tony and Eric back. It felt good because theya re leaders on our team. We had a lot to prove and lot to make up from the Tennessee game. The offense did a gret job adn kept us off the field. They did everything they could do and we kept them out of the end zone."

LINEBACKER ERIC BUTLER -- "We went out and we kept up the intensity. We were all back together on defense. Tony, myself, the second team and the third team. And, it showed out there. When we go out we play every team the same way. We need to play our best and do the best we can. That's our job, to play our best."

DEFENSIVE TACKLE CODY MCGUIRE -- "We played well on defense and executed well. Everyone who went into the game gave it something different. We had all kinds of effort from everybody and it was a team win. They did everything they could do and we kept them out of the end zone and executed well. Everyone who went into the game gave it something different."


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