Sept. 20, 1997

Texas Tech-North Texas Postgame Quotes

Texas Tech Quotes

HEAD COACH SPIKE DYKES -- "I don't know what to say when you lose a game like that. It was a tough loss. I want to congratulate North Texas. I told our players this is the way it works. They did what they had to do to win. We had the same chances and we didn't do what we had to do. I commend them. They did a great job. They played hard. They played 60 minutes. What they had to do, they did it. That's the mark of a great football team and a good coach. I really admire what they did Our guys played hard and never quit. We just didn't play good and we shot ourselves in the foot too many times. It was a hard game and a tough loss. Defensively, we were spotty and I think they did a good job of keeping us off balance. We've got to circle the wagons up and we have to get after it. We just have to go to work now. It is a simple matter today in college football. If you don't rally play good you are going to get beat. When they had to make the plays, whether it was offense or defense, they made them. They were decisive underdogs in this football game. We took a lot of hits in the football game. Coach Simon really had this team prepared. They are a game bunch. We did not have a lack of effort. We just had a lack of making the right plays. I think it's a little different when you start conference. You're playing teams you're more familiar with."

On playing Baylor: "It's another game. All eight games from here on out are important. ... They've had good football teams, and when you go down there it's hard to beat them. It will be a hard win if we win. ... Their offense is a little bit more slanted toward the pass. In years before, they've really been more of a run-oriented football team and a little play-action pass team. But, now, they're more open."

Ty Ardoin (SLB) -- "We're at a pretty good mindset right now. We were depressed about the North Texas game. But, all we could do was to forget about things that happened in the past and go on with things that are going to happen in the future. Intensity is going to pick up in practice right when we get out there because we know that conference is starting and our goal is to win the conference. I know that everyone is high on Texas probably repeating, but I feel like there's going to be competition every week. So, we just have to do our best at practice and come out and play hard on Saturday. I feel like we really have to work on our tackling. We missed a lot of tackles and I feel that was one of the main reasons [North Texas] got so many yards in the second half."

On defense strategies: "Our main concern is containing Jerod Douglas. He is pretty much all of their offense. We're just going to have to do a good job containing him. (on where he ranks among running backs) "He's right at the top. His quickness is outstanding. He has moves that could be in the NFL. He's one of the quickest backs that I've ever seen. Basically, what Coach Goodner likes to do is to put pressure on the quarterback and let him make mistakes. We've done that year in and year out, and we've been pretty successful. I'm pretty sure he's going to go by the same format. We just have to play consistent football and go out there and play the hardest we can. Baylor's crowd gets you a little rustled up, but we just have to stay focused and keep our concentration."

Zebbie Lethridge (QB) - "I felt like tonight we were outplayed. North Texas came down and executed well. A lot of time tonight we hurt ourselves, but what you have to do is bounce back and try to overcome this obstacle and try to get the season back on the right track. Tonight the receivers did a great job catching the ball and the line did a good job of protecting. All those records don't mean anything if you lose the ball game. Our goal is to try to get as many wins as possible."

Donnie Hart (SE) - "Anytime you play you always want to win. Unfortunately we didn't want it as bad as North Texas did. North Texas has a good team. They came out and stuck to their game plan and did what they had to do. we had a lot of opportunites to make plays. You've gotta give those guys credit. They did a great job coming through when they had to. We've really got to go these next two weeks and take a look at ourselves and find out what we are made of. This is a team game, catches, yards, and all that stuff, is secondary. All that matters right now is that big L."

Derek Dorris (SE) - "I picked it up off the bounce. There was a big wall right in front of me. I made a cut back to the outside and just turned it on a little bit on the outside and got fifty or sixty yards down the field. It was just real good blocking right up the middle. It's good to get some catches in as a true freshman."

Rob Peters (QB) - "Unfortunately Zebbie turned his ankle, so they put me in. When we got the ball we were down. We took the ball down and scored. We did what we are suppose to do. We got a couple of big plays. Ricky Williams made a great run and Donnie Hart made a great catch and run. Adrian Ervin made a great run to get it in the end zone. We got the ball again but we couldn't make the big play this time."

North Texas Quotes

Head Coach Matt Simon - "It was a good day at the office. This football team showed some character. The kids never gave up. They came up here prepared and played hard. I am very pleased with the outcome. We weren't going to back down. I think Texas Tech has an outstanding football team and we rose to the challenge. (On the final drive) It is something we practice all the time, handling adversity. It was great to see them act like they had been there before."

Jay Young (WR) - "Every win is a great win. Against an established Division I opponent like Texas Tech makes it better. We had a lot of key plays. The biggest play was when the defense stopped them on fourth down on the two. They didn't get the first points on the board. (on the 35-yard pass play) Jason (Mills) told me to find the middle of the field. I knew the outside receiver was on an out route so I found the middle of the field and he found me."

Corbin Epps (DE) - "Our defense showed up, our offense showed up. When you come together as one you can do anything."


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