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Sept. 12, 2010

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Quotes From New Mexico Head Coach Michael Locksley

In regards to the defensive and special teams play:
"With the amount of turnovers we had this week and last week with special team's mistakes. But it's also their job to get off the field."

"They converted a couple of third and extra long situations that we have to get better at. We had a lot of young guys that played today. Chance Aven is a young guy, a freshman, and he was out for about 50 plays. He's a true freshman nickel player, and I think that with all the reps the players get they will get better and better."

"Defensively when they're on the field they have to get off, number one, but we also have to help them on special teams and offense and not put them in tough situations."

Regarding Ugo Uzodinma and his ejection:
"I sent him in from the sideline as soon as they let me know. I will have to look at the tape, but if he did what they told me he did, as far as the conference goes, I don't know what they will say, but I know that he will not be playing for us for a couple of games."

On if special teams is a concern right now:
"All of our special teams are a concern for me right now, and we have to find a way to get the best personnel on the field. Right now, one of the biggest things that killing us is that we don't have the depth that you would like to have. What that leads to is a lot of our defensive starters playing special teams, when the ball is turned over we have them on the field for short amount of time and when we kickoff we have them running down the field running down balls."

"We have to find a way to stop turnovers and find a way to execute better and we also have to find a way to get personnel on the field that can run down and cover kicks."

Assessment of tackling during the game:
"Until I watch the tape it's hard to say, but I know this, we missed a lot of tackles near the end of the game and early in the second half, but until we watch tape it's very hard to assess."



On B.R. Holbrook's performance:
"I hate commenting prior to looking at tape, but I think B.R. did some things that were nice in the first half. The interception down in the red zone with the slant route. I wouldn't blame on B.R., I think the receiver kind of gave up on the route, but the bottom line is that he didn't get the `W' and right now I don't think anybody played very well."

On the dropped interception for a sure touchdown by Joe Stoner in the first half
"But those are plays that we have to be able to make. Those are momentum changing plays, those are the plays that allow us to take advantage of the situation. People are doing that to us, so we have to find a way to get it done on that side as well."

On the mood of the team and his address towards them:
"I hope they feel sick, I hope they're sick to their stomachs. With players you're like a parent, we are going to continue to coach them, and talking to them but until we learn to play smart football it won't work. Fans speak about not being prepared. But for the last two weeks there wasn't anything out on that field during practice and on tape that they didn't see out on the field today."

Quotes from Texas Tech Head Coach Tommy Tuberville

Opening Statements
"I'm excited about the second win. We didn't play as good as I think we could have ... we could run the ball a little better."

"You have to give New Mexico a lot of credit. They line up on the front and move their guys around, they did a lot of what SMU did, gave us problems, but we made enough plays."

"That was pretty much a team win right there because special teams really stepped up for us. I mean that was good as I have seen a special teams group play in a long time. Running back punts, blocking kicks, running back kickoff returns. It was excellent. We needed that."

"We needed confidence in the kicking game but Eric Crawford is doing a great job, a lot of effort. Were getting a lot of effort from our special teams." "(We) took our guys out of situations where they have to play too much one-on-one. They got tired the first half, heck we played 44, 45 plays the first half. We got a lot of room for improvement, but it's a good start."

On if this is what Tech needed on special teams:
"You want your special teams to make big plays. I mean we blocked two punts, (had) very good kickoff return. I thought the field position was just unbelievable for the offense."

"There is so much on defense, but that is what you are supposed to do, give yourself a chance on special teams whenever the chance arrives."

On a solid team effort:
"It was just good to see the entire team functioning together. We're coming together more as a team now then we have had and we got to continue to do that. (It's) very vital next week that all three of the teams do a good job."

On things to work on for next week:
"Fumbles got us pretty good tonight turnovers, we had a few more penalties then we had last week that we have to address going into the game next Saturday."

On the emphasis of special teams during practice last week:
"We take pride in specials teams. We took time to work on it this week probably as much time as we did with offense and defense. We know we got to be good in special teams. That gave us some confidence tonight."


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