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Oct. 7, 2006

Recap |  Final Stats |  Notes

Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach

On practice affecting play...
"We didn't turn the ball over very much in practice. I do think we are a team that is a bit distracted. I think there is a mentality with our group that, and I think it starts with us as coaches, worries about what might happen instead of what we are going to make happen. It leads to a level of inconsistency because we have these brilliant spurts, then we have bad ones. You go out and spot Missouri 14 points for essentially doing nothing. You are going to have a tough time beating them. As we get within ten points, you have got to rise up, be tough and win the second half. We did not win the second half; we lost the second half."

On Graham Harrell's play...
"I think initially he started out trying to be too careful and thinking too much. We did not have any tempo. He went out there over-analytical. That would be a good way to put it, because it really wasn't that complicated. Chris (Todd) went in and marched it down the field. It's not complicated, but sometimes as you are trying to do well and play well a lot runs through your mind. Being clear-minded is one of the most critical things."

On what to show by taking Harrell out...
"The biggest thing I wanted to illustrate was how easy it was to make routine plays. It was simple what they were doing defensively. (I wanted him to) watch it from where I was, because you get a kind of different perspective on it. I thought he responded pretty well. I'm still not too crazy about the fumbles. I don't remember the entire sequence, but I thought it sparked things. I think Chris is a great player, but I think Graham is a bit more polished. Chris Todd created the spark for us that got us back into the game. But right now we are too inconsistent, and we let ourselves down."



Cornerback Chris Parker
On whether or not he felt they should have won the game
"We feel like we should win every game, but hats off to Missouri; they played a great game."

Offensive Lineman Gave Hall
On Missouri's pressure on Graham Harrell
"The pressure we allowed on Graham tonight was totally unacceptable and we'll address that."

On whether the pressure allowed was the cause of Harrell's mistakes
"Any pressure is bad, and being a senior lineman I take it personal. We'll get back in practice, address our mistakes and get it fixed."

On the teams overall performance
"The only people that can stop our offense is ourselves, we've just got to be more consistent and play a full 60 minutes ...The defense played a good game, we (the offense) just can't put them in the situations that we put them in. You can't give any team the kind of spot we gave them. "

On preparation for Colorado next week
"We've got to practice hard and it starts tomorrow (Sunday). We don't win games on Saturday, we win them Sunday, Monday through Friday."

Quarterback Graham Harrell
On what caused his poor play in the first half
"I just didn't come out and play well tonight. I threw two picks and it cost us ... I turned the ball over too much and wasn't clear-headed."

On his conversation with Coach Leach after being pulled for a series in the first half
"He just told me to relax, watch what they were doing and be ready to come back the next series."

On what was going through his head after second interception
"Just frustration; the kid made a good play on the ball. I probably shouldn't have thrown it in there, it happens. I've got to get better, I can't do that again, I was just frustrated."

On the teams performance
"We came out flat in the beginning, gave them too many points from our side of the ball. When that happens you limit your chance to win."

Gary Pinkel, Missouri Head Coach

Opening Statement:
"First of all, I am just very proud of my football team. I thought it was a good team victory and that we worked together. It was a football game where turnovers, as they usually do in games, dictate the flow of the game and this was without question, like that. I'm glad we don't have to play Texas Tech for another year, they can score at anytime and they're so attacking, that I knew this was going to be a tough game. I'm just very happy with our players for responding, I think on every turnover we had, we responded with points, which was hugely important."

On the two interception returns for touchdowns:
"On the sidelines, I've never seen anything like that before. I've been doing this for 30 years and I've never seen back-to-back plays that were interception returns for touchdowns. But they got right back in the game and we were fortunate to do some things in the second half, in the third quarter. "

On his team's ability to respond to Texas Tech's 21 unanswered points:
"I think that's part of being in our football program. That's part of being disciplined, it's part of having leaders and players that when things get tough, they turn it up a notch. We've had games in the past where we would not have responded like this. I think you give the leadership of our football team credit for that because we responded to the adversity we had today."

On whether or not he was surprised by his team's performance tonight:
"There are a lot of people around the country and a lot of Mizzou fans that were wondering, `Is this team a good football team?'. I don't think our players or our staff ever questioned it. Are we a great team? No, we're not a great team. We've won six games and feel very good about that, but we have a half of a season left. I think we're a good football team and I think we can get a lot better, but I don't think there was ever any doubt in our players. As you build a program, and I said this after our bowl game, you've got to win some big games to advance your program; this is one of those games."

On how he though the defense matched up with Texas Tech's offense:
"Those guys throw and catch well and they're really good. We caused a lot of turnovers and you give our defense a lot credit for that, because that's certainly something we tried to do. Now, they're going to get their yards, they get yards and they probably got more yards than we wanted them to get, but that's ok. We'll learn from it and make ourselves better. We all know what it's like playing that team and the turnovers were the difference in the football game. Like I've said before, there are things we can do to get better and we'll work to do that."


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