Texas Tech - TCU Postgame Quotes

Oct. 20, 2012

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Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville
Opening Statement:
"First of all, I’d like to say congratulations to both teams. Overtimes are hard on all sides: players, coaches and fans. Coach Patterson and his team played a heck of a game. They outplayed us for most of the game, outcoached us and had us on our heels. We found ways to make some plays there in the second quarter and then at the end of the game. What a bizarre football game. Their quarterback played outstanding. We made a lot of mistakes, but we’ve been working really hard for a game like this; you win a game when you don’t play you’re best. To find a way to win on the road in overtime is very hard."

On the second overtime:
"We played it down on our end. We probably shouldn’t have done that, but I wanted our fans to see it down on that end. We knew we had that trick play for the first play."

On the game in general:
"They ran the ball on us, which was a little disappointing for us defensively. They were pretty balanced. We weren’t balanced at all. We just made big plays. You’ve got to find a way to win when you don’t play pretty. Going through that game last week took a big toll on us. We lost four starters last week and came back and found a way to win. Now we’re 6-1."

On Seth Doege’s performance:
"Seth played well. As you can tell, they were after him. I think they got two roughing the passer penalties. They were bound and determined to get to him. I thought there were times that our offensive line got moved around a little bit, but when it counted, we gave him enough time to throw it. This was a team win because we didn’t play that great and we found a way to win."

Texas Tech senior receiver Austin Zouzalik

On loss of 10 point lead in the fourth quarter:

“I mean it was kind of devastating. That’s the kind of stuff we’ve been working on all the time.  You know sometimes, Coach Tuberville, we’ll get done with practice and he’ll just roll out some drills, and we’ll start pushing boards and pushing sleds and stuff like that. So I don’t think there’s any doubt with the team, you know that just took a little air out of us, but we just pick right back up and keep going.”

On halftime:

“Halftime was interesting. I came in here and just lied on the table with an IV the entire time.  I guess it was just the heat and I wasn’t used to playing so many plays. It hasn’t been this hot in Lubbock, and coming up here with a little bit of humidity, I was down at halftime.”

On the entertainment of the game:

“Oh it was entertaining, you know, their fans are right behind us, so we got to hear from their student section the entire time. It was a pretty good atmosphere though, you know, we enjoyed it. I think some of the guys enjoyed it a little too much whenever we got up by 10.”

Texas Tech senior quarterback Seth Doege

On the play call on the winning touchdown in overtime:

“I was hoping for that play call.  We practiced it over and over and over. Alex Torres does a really good job selling it.  He covered it a little bit, but the way Torres sold the run.  He bent just enough to where I could fit it in there, and Torres made a great catch. It’s all good from there.  We’ve been practicing that play for three weeks, and we never had an opportunity to use it.  Finally, perfect opportunity to use it, and we executed it. It was just sweet to actually run it during the game.”

On the emotion of his team throughout overtime:

“On the sideline you could tell that nobody had any thought of losing this game. That’s all credit to our coaches at Tech. We were in it the whole time. No matter what hole we were in, we were always digging our way out of it. It’s huge for us, because all we’ve been preaching is taking it to the next level. In the past we’ve played really big games, and won really big games, but we’ve never consistently played a high level and consistently beat big time teams. This was a great opportunity for us, and we expected to come in here and win. We battled through a lot of adversity today.”




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