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Oct. 28, 2006

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Texas Tech Postgame Quotes

Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach

On execution in the second half ...
"I thought, for the most part, we did (execute in the second half). There were some things that happened in the game, in particular the second half, that were very detrimental to our effort. I was very proud of how our guys played. That was the best game that we played this year. We played better this game than most wins that we have had. It's disappointing to come up short. We did not play perfect, but we played really hard all sides of the ball. There are some things we would have liked different. The ball rolls funny, and there are some other things that occur in a football game that can have in impact either direction on a football game."

On not playing Jarrett Hicks in the second half...
"I thought it hurt a little bit because Jarrett was real hot in the first half. I thought that hurt, but I thought we still moved the ball well. Ending up in long-yardage situations is the thing I thought we kept fighting through the second half."

On Graham Harrell's play...
"I thought he played well both halves. Our line and our receivers played well. It was a good overall effort."

On Texas' play...
"Texas is really a good football team. They are a team that, when you get into a battle like this, is going to swing away and they are going to do some damage. In our case, you have to withstand it and overcome it. We did some significantly good things on that. We just did not do well enough to win."

Senior, Linebacker, Fletcher Session

On whether or not the team thought they had the victory
"Yeah, who wouldn't? We played well, a few calls here and there, a few plays, that's the game."



On what Coach Leach said to the game following the loss
"He said we played a heck of a game. It was a tough loss but we've got Baylor next week so we've got to put this one behind us."

On Colt McCoy's ability to escape the pocket
"We expected it. We watched film on him saw him do it against Nebraska, against Baylor he got out. It's just one of those things, he made the right cuts and got the yards they needed.

On how tough the loss was considering his senior status
"This is number one. I wanted to be a part of a win against Texas and I thought this was the day."

Sophomore, Defensive Back, Marcus Bunton

"This was a tough loss. We're going to have to come together like we've been doing. We played hard and just came up short."

Sophomore, Quarterback, Graham Harrell

On how the team let the victory slip away
"We had some costly mistakes, some costly penalties and that put us in some tough situations. I don't think we ever thought we were going to lose the game.

It was a tough loss to take, we played well, we played hard. I felt like we could have won this game, we've got to give them a little credit. It's a tough one to take."

On whether or not he got the first down on the quarterback sneak
"I didn't know. He (the referee) had a better angle than I did."

Texas Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Mack Brown

Opening Statement
"We played hard, but we didn't play well at times. I want to congratulate Texas Tech, I thought they played as well as I've ever seen them. Graham Harrell was as hot as could be. A lot of times we were covering them and they were sticking it in there, then we were hitting them and they were hanging on to the ball. That first half was about as masterful as I've ever seen. When Texas Tech is moving the ball and they're hot, they're as good as anybody in the country on offense. Coming into this game, especially out here, you think you're going to have to match their scoring because they are going to score some points. Credit our coaches for hanging in there and being positive with the kids and credit the kids for believing and just keep on working."

On the play of quarterback Colt McCoy:
"I thought he played as well as I've ever seen him play. The plays he made with his feet, the one down to the one yard-line and the one he made at the end there on the sprint out. We told him to throw if they were wide open and run it if they're not, well they were wide open and he ran it anyways, but I didn't blame him. Then he was smart enough when he had a chance to score, to stay in bounds and take a knee and played like a coaches' son there at the end of the ballgame."

On the progress of McCoy and his performance in road games this season:
"It is amazing. You know sometimes that your neighborhood is more stressful when you're playing in it than when you're at Oklahoma or Nebraska. Everybody thought, `he won't handle the Oklahoma game well,' but he played great. Then they thought, `Well he sure won't go to Nebraska and play well,' and he played great. In some ways there was probably more pressure in this ballgame because he knows all of the Tech kids. This was more of a pressure game in some ways for him personally than the others and I thought he tried to hard to start the game."

On the adjustment of the defense in the second half:
"I thought the defensive staff did better than I did. I don't remember one being incomplete in the first half; I don't think we batted one down. But to their [defensive coaches] credit, they ignored me and stayed really positive. I went back in there and got the kids stirred up and said, `Hey, we're okay.' We all talked about it, he [Harrell] was just really hot. When a quarterback gets hot in this offense, you've got some trouble. If he's bad, they're in trouble. If he gets like he was tonight, you better grab and hang on and we did.


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