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Texas Tech Postgame Press Conference Quotes

Head Coach Mike Leach
"We played two games out here today. We played a very poor one the first half, and we played a pretty good one the second half. The first half, Baylor's three defensive lineman consistently whipped our five offensive linemen. I'm very disappointed with the first half, pleased with the second half, so it's kind of a love hate game really."

"Baylor deserves some credit, I think they are a much improved team. I think they have some players out there that are fairly imposing. I think they coach really well, I think it's one of the best coaching staff in the conference as far as X and O's and scheme."

"In the second half we did a good job rallying, very important drive our first possession. We marched down and scored and overcame some adversity to do that. Defensively we shut them out until the end."

"On all three sides of the ball there were some key situations in the second half where we rose up. I think we need to learn from the first half and build on the second half."

Defensive Coordinator Lyle Setencich
"Most offenses have a script of 15-25 plays. There were three or four things that they did different. We got lucky on two of them."

"We gave up the big play because we didn't line up properly. We have got to get leverage. After the play happened we talked about it on the sidelines and stopped them next time."

"I like what we are doing. I'd like to do it better."

Linebacker Mike Smith
On Baylor's first touchdown
"They just got a big play on us. We (defense) had to regroup and we did. We can't give up the big plays."

On being bowl eligible
"This is exciting. We are playing good football and I'm happy about that."

On half-time speech
"It was pretty intense. The players reacted well and came out and won. On Baylor - "We expected them to play hard. They always play hard. You an't take anyone lightly in this conference."



Quarterback Sonny Cumbie On the first half
"We didn't come out and play hard. We didn't execute well. We didn't' start with the mentality we needed to."

On the running game
"The guys up front did good. Taurean and Johnny Mack hit the holes well."

On the crowd "It is good to see the stadium full with people cheering for you. We have great fans."

On being bowl eligible
"We expected to be bowl eligible sooner. The only thing on our minds is the Aggies and we have our hands full."

Baylor Postgame Press Conference

Head Coach Guy Morris
On the beginning of the game

"I didn't see the same football team that was on the field last week. I don't think we played with a lot of energy or emotion. I just didn't see it. I thought when Trent (Shelton) broke the long run for the touchdown it would kind of ignite us a little bit but I didn't get the sense that we were too excited about playing today to be honest. I was worried about it (the energy) during the week because Wednesday we were really on them hard about finding energy and picking it up. It thought by Friday we were in pretty good shape but I guess I was wrong."

On the first couple of series
"Our offense kind of shifted into neutral and we couldn't get anything going. Somebody said that we had something like 177 yards of offense in the first quarter and 5 yards in the second quarter. At the end of the first quarter we went really flat."

On Baylor's defense in the second half
"We couldn't get anything going offensively. Defense was out on the field too long and with that kind of offense you have to do a lot of running. You get worn down and then you know we had some breakdowns in the secondary and those kinds of things and it all starts to take a toll on you. It starts to cave in."

Anthony Krieg, Tailback
On how the game shifted
"I really don't know. We came in the game trying to establish a running game to try to keep their offense off the field because we know they have a potent offense. We just tried to find ways to keep our defense off the field."

On the second half
"In the second half we didn't put any drives together and that kept our defense on the field. Our players got tired. I don't think they did anything different in the second half. We just have to find ways to make plays and tonight we didn't."

Trent Shelton, Wide Receiver
On losing the lead

"It hurt a lot to lose a lead like that but we still could have come out in the third quarter. We were still in the game. We have to go out and execute. We didn't play like we played against A&M. We made some improvements (after the A&M game) but you still have to come out and win."


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