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Nov. 12, 2005

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Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach
On the game
"We really should have gotten things going. That does not change the fact that I do not think we played very well all day other than in occasions. The thing that is most disappointing to me about this is that we had two phases of this game. Phase number one was that if things did not happen easy we got impatient, but at no point did I feel like the answer was to try real hard. I think that falls on me as head coach in particular. It falls on us as coaches. I think Oklahoma State beat us in every phase of the game. They did not beat us in one phase or two phases, they beat us in all of them. They hit harder than we did. They ran faster than we did. They wanted to win the game more than we did."

"The little deal at the end where we have a shot, I saw a little spurt of sense of urgency on the part of the defense that made some good things happen. Our other phases were nothing special. You can not go out there and play just a few series and beat anybody, and Oklahoma State is a good team that has steadily improved. They have good athletes and their coaching staff does a great job. As coaches, me in particular, we failed to create the sense of urgency that was necessary to play well this game. That is what is most disappointing.

On scoring only ten offensive points
"You just go out there and try to improve. No part of it was good. I know there are some key players that need to step up and guide the people around them. Me in particular and the coaches, have to be able to draw that from us. It is our job to find a way to reach them. It is also a two-way street. We have guys that need to step up and need to do things. You can not go out there and play Oklahoma State or anybody else and go through the motions. As a team we want to figure out what we need to improve on and what we need to do better at. Everyone on this team, players and coaches, need to find the closest mirror and they need to look in it for a long time. Because if anyone wants to improve this team, they need to improve themselves.



On the season
One football team is the same as the next. We were happy we beat Texas A&M. Well this counts the same. We would not be happier if we lost to A&M and beat Oklahoma State, it is the same. We have to understand the basic, fundamental things as a football team from top to bottom Ð what it takes to play well and beat somebody."

Junior defensive lineman Chris Hudler
On his interception

"Ken Scott made an inside move so I went around him and he (Pena) threw it right at me. It was pretty much a reaction, I just put my hands up and caught it."

On Oklahoma State's game plan
"It was not anything that they were doing, it's that we were not tackling good and not making plays. We just did not play well enough to win."
On overlooking OSU
"We did not overlook them, we even had a good week of practice, I really do not know what happened. They had a good game and we did not play up to our ability."

On momentum change
"We had the momentum and thought we would turn it around, but things did not go our way."

Senior defensive lineman Fred Thrweatt
On trying to stop the run game

"They had a big back and he was hard to tackle. We just had to bear down and make the plays and hold on for dear life on the others."

On OSU's game plan
"We did everything we could: practice, watch game film, basically we just did not tackle. It is frustrating, but sometimes you just have to go with what works."

On covering Pena
"When he came in it was run, run, but when he threw it we knew we had to get more coverage. When Reid was in we had to keep him in the pocket and not let him get out of the gate."

On the big picture
"Every game is a big one, just like next week playing Oklahoma. Any given Saturday somebody can come up and beat you no matter what their record."

Senior quarterback Cody Hodges
On OSU's game plan

"They did not do anything different than a lot of the teams weÕve played. They disguised a lot of their stuff, played a lot of cover-2, which is something we have not seen a lot of this year. That is just another coverage we have to adjust to and we did not do a very good job of that all day. They deserve a lot of credit and when we play like that we do not deserve to win."

On the difference in the ball game
"I really do not know what the difference was, it just hasnt set in that we lost. Oklahoma State played well, it was Senior Day for them and we knew they would come out and give us a fight. We did not match them up early, and it stayed that way for most of the game."

On OSU's defense
"They did well on the interior. They did not blitz a whole lot. Their defensive linemen were standing up and when the ball was snapped they would crash the middle. Every time we tried to run, it was as if they knew what we were doing and always a step ahead of us on the run game."

On momentum change
"The sideline was really excited and personally, I thought we were about to blow them out. We had the momentum and finally started clicking on that drive. The defense scored, we held them, but then we were just unable to convert and I fumble. I never saw the guy from behind, but that is just poor ball security on my part."


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