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TEXAS TECH COACH Mike Leach - (on possibly going for two at end of regulation) "I thought about it a little bit, but I thought our guys would respond better to overtime. I like their mentality to an extent. I thought we played dumb and we turned the ball over too much. I thought the defense played well early and the offense played poorly early. About the time the offense started playing, the defense started playing poorly. The most important thing is to play well simultaneously in all phases. (on interceptions) They dropped some people back and I think we forced some throws. I don't know, I'd have to look (at the tape). They shouldn't have been interceptions. We had chances to get turnovers from A&M, but we didn't capitalize on them. (on running the ball) We kind of hoped we could. I thought it took us a while to get into a rhythm on offense. Of course, the turnovers took us out of three drives. Based on the turnovers and the penalties, it's somewhat surprising it was as close as it was. I thought we did a pretty good job of hanging in there and overcoming the adversity we had created for ourselves. We just needed to finish the deal. We had some opportunities to do that. I think Sonny (Cumbie) was just trying to make too much happen. (after A&M's onside kick attempt) We should have put that in (for a score). We dropped the ball. I was a little surprised they did that. You're supposed to score and finish drives. That's not something I would have done, not there. I'm not opposed to onside kicking, but probably not in that situation. (on limiting points off turnovers) I thought we did really good. I thought we really played well at that point. All we had to do is play like we did offensively at the end and play like we did defensively at the beginning. That's disappointing."

TEXAS TECH QUARTERBACK Sonny Cumbie - (on last play) "We just wanted to see if we could get something on them. We had fourth-and-long and we didn't execute it very well. (On changing plays at line) You just had to be really loud. I don't think (the crowd) really affected us that much. (on interceptions) They were just stupid throws and stupid decisions that should not have been made. I should have thrown the ball out-of-bounds and lived to play another play. We have to play to beat Oklahoma State. We have to regroup and have a good week of practice. I really thought our o-line did a great job. I thought they played well. A&M never really got much pressure on us. We didn't grab it when it was out there. They were dropping a lot of guys (into coverage) so we thought we would try to get the running game going. We just didn't execute the plays that were called very well."




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