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Nov. 18, 2006

Recap |  Final Stats |  Notes

Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach

On whether or not he's able to determine if his team is ready to play ...
"If you ever figure out the answer to that, I'd love to know. And there isn't a coach in America who wouldn't be grateful to you for sharing anything like that with them because I'd love to know the answer. Obviously, early in the game we weren't ready to go. At halftime we were. I think about midway through the second quarter we were ready to go. That's part of it."

On the team's overall performance ...
"(Games are) a combination of physical and emotional combined that you try to generate 12 or 13 times a year. There are going to be ups and downs. Sometimes you are good enough to overcome it. Sometimes you're not. The ball didn't roll our way, two touchdowns got taken off the board for a variety of reasons. So obviously the ball wasn't rolling in our direction, but I'm proud to say that our team was tough enough to fight through it and fight our way to the end."

On his decision to throw the ball on the last possession ...
"You've got to get first downs. The best defense of all is if you end up scoring. You don't want to be reckless in scoring, but get first downs. Well, go out there and run it up the middle, I don't agree with that. A minute and half left maybe, but I don't agree with that."

On whether his team benefited from the inadvertent whistle ...
"There are a lot of things that happened in both directions during this game that you could have called breaks. I would say the biggest breaks of this game were the two touchdowns that got taken off the board."

Texas Tech, Sophomore, Safety, Darcell Mcbath

On his interception ...
"Whenever you picture yourself getting an interception you never picture yourself getting that tired. I was trying to outrun everybody I could but didn't do it."

On the last play of the game ...
"I was close to the pile where everybody jumped. I was just making sure no tips came in. When the ball was tipped and hit the goal post I knew it was out."



Texas Tech, Senior, Defensive end, Keyunta Dawson

On his last game at SBC Jones Stadium ...
"Coach talked to us all week about playing with passion and was trying to tell us we've got to play this last game with passion. That was the message he gave to the seniors and that just kinda permeated throughout the team and tried to get out there and win the game."

On whether it entered his mind during the game that it was the last time he would play in The Jones ...
"It was on my mind the whole game. Every time I put my hand down in the dirt. On that last play I knew it was going to be one my last times doing this here, so with one second on the clock I thought, we've got to stop them. Everything we've been through this whole year, all the adversity, all the training came down to one second and there was no way they were going to score."

Texas Tech, Sophomore, Quarterback, Graham Harrell

On the touchdown at the end of the first half ...
"It was huge, scoring is always big but that was a big one. We kind of stuttered throughout the first half, so that as a big drive, a big score a big touchdown kind of gave us momentum coming out in the second half."

On how the team got it's offense in gear after a slow start ...
"We just started executing. We got some first downs, started rolling and kind of got the tempo going."

On how Robert Johnson can help the team when he's on ...
"It makes a big difference, you saw it. When we were flat, he was flat, when we got going it kind of gave him a spark and all of a sudden he starts playing well. The results were obvious; he got two touchdowns in a matter of no time. When he plays well we're tough to stop, but that's with all our receivers, we have a great set of them and the o-line did a great job blocking for us."

Oklahoma State Postgame Quotes

Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy

Opening Thoughts
"As we talked about all week we have to play well in all three phases especially against a quality team on the road. We played very, very poorly on special teams today. We had way too many dropped passes on offense. I don't know how many there were, probably five or six. We haven't had more than a drop or two in probably six weeks. If you drop passes, you don't convert big plays. Defensively, we played very well in the first half. I thought they put us to sleep a little bit in the second quarter. We came out in the second half and really played hard, but penalties put us in a tough situation on special teams and offensively, too many mistakes. You can't drop passes like that and give yourself a chance to win. You got to give credit to Texas Tech. They made plays, and we didn't."

On the inadvertent whistle
"They said they blew an inadvertent whistle, and when the whistle is blown there is a replay of the down. I never heard the whistle. He made a mistake. People make mistakes. We dropped too many passes, had too many penalties on offense, and had to start our offense on the ten and twelve yard line. That's why we lost the game."

On the Fourth and Two Fumble
"I don't know for sure what happened. It got brought up, but I stopped it because it wasn't important at the time. We'll find out now what happened. There was no confusion as to what play we were running."

Wide Receiver Adarius Bowman

"We came out there and had several dropped balls, but I feel as if we still put ourselves in an opportunity to win the game."

On Being Open on one of the plays late in the game
"I was open on one of those plays at the end. It really wasn't the play. I just got myself open. I feel like that's why he didn't see me."

Back-up Quarterback Zac Robinson

On being ready to go into the game late
"It definitely helped that I had come into the game already. I had just played ten or so plays. It was a lot different going from what I was doing to going in at quarterback at the end of the game. I just do what I do in practice everyday."

Linebacker Jeremy Nethon

"We just have to bounce back from this. We can't stay down from it."

On next week
"We're going to be practicing hard. You can expect us to be flying to the ball."

On the difference between other games and the Oklahoma game
"To some people its pretty interesting. It's exactly the same. We have to practice that hard and watch as much film. They're a quality team. You can't take them for granted."


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