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Nov. 19, 2005

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On the review of the last play
"I'm starting to rethink my position on instant replays. There's no dialogue at that point. The review happens and the decision is made. I felt like we scored twice. There was a lot of time between plays. I have mixed feelings about it. We are not much better off with it. Things are still even. I wonder if it is worth the time that goes into it."

On running the ball during the last play
"They loosened up a bit and they were emptying the box. I thought it was a good idea."

On the last OU touchdown
"I was not happy with it. We needed to score. There was still time left and we needed some big plays. We got them from Danny (Amendola) and Robert Johnson."

On Danny Amendola on the fourth down
"It was a key catch. The OU player did a good job of tying him up. The pass was going to Danny. It got tipped and he and the OU player got there simultaneously."

On the win over OU and Bob Stoops
"It was a good win. It was a good team win. They (OU) had a tough time early in the season. They steadily emerged and steadily got better. The effort from the team as a whole was good. There were times when we weren't sharp but you have to give OU some credit for that. They were major contributions from all three sides of the ball. All three teams deserve credit. It was a toughly contested game and I'm glad we came out on top. We played for 60 minutes."

On Sylvester Brinkley and his personal fouls
"I told him to settle and don't talk too much."

On breaking through with this win
"I just try to win. I'm not a big milestone guy."

On reviewing the final play
"I was very confident that I had got in the line of scrimmage. But you never know, because at any time they could change it. So, I was a little bit nervous. I felt strongly in myself that I had scored."



On celebrating after the win
"It was a wonderful feeling. Everyone was very excited. All of my teammates came out there and met us at the very end. I enjoyed it."

On playing your final game at Jones Stadium
"It is a wonderful feeling because Oklahoma is a great ball club and being able to come out with a victory right here at the very end against a great group of guys and a great coaching staff is a wonderful feeling. I am so glad that we came together as a team, as a whole, and was able to do this today on both sides of the ball."

On a bowl game
"It doesn't matter where we go. As long as I get the opportunity to play as a Red Raider again, it doesn't matter where we go."

On the last play
"They were playing man coverage. And if you look at it, Oklahoma had exactly 11 guys on the line of scrimmage and we have talked about it, as a running back all they have to do is break a little bubble and there is nobody behind that front line to stop him. Coach Leach, on that last play, said if you have to, throw it, but if you think Taurean can run in there then do it. I just feel like if you have Taurean in there and he has three yards and is running downhill as fast as possible, regardless of how far he has to go, I think he has got a good chance. You don't have to score by six or eight yards. If the ball gets across the goal line you get a touchdown. You don't get any extra points for throwing a pass. We just had to break the plane and he did that and we won the game."

On the reviews during the game
"I was more nervous about the one to Filani in the end zone. I was more nervous about that but then we got another chance. I was there and I was able to watch Taurean go down and roll over all in motion. I was real confident in they weren't going to overturn it. I said a quick prayer that some replay wasn't going to cost us our last win at home."

On the team's confidence
"We had the ball with a minute and a half left. Last week we got the ball back with about 25 seconds and I still felt like we had a chance last week. So, with a minute and half I felt like that was way too much time to not score. Everyone in the huddle was confident. We knew we were going to win the game. Just looking in everybody's eyes we weren't like `Oh my gosh, we can't win this game.' We all were on the same page and made the plays we needed to."

On beating Oklahoma
"It is great. I have been here for five years and up until this game they have dominated us for four years. It hasn't even been close. Last year, it was 28-13, but we were never really in that game. I am just happy for Coach Leach. I love that guy. He gave me a chance to come here and play and that is his former school and he has never been able to beat them. I am just happy we could get that win for him. Hopefully, we are onto a good bowl game and we still have a lot to prove. We will enjoy this tonight, but we still have a lot of work."

On the number change between the halves
"I had ripped my jersey up a little bit. So, they got me a fresh one."

On defending Adrian Peterson
"We defended him pretty good, I think. We came out executing just as we should have. There are still things we have got to work on, but when everybody is running to the ball you make the play."

On the review of the last play
"You have to have faith. I believed every second that we were going to score."

On the penalties
"It was a little frustrating. You have got to play smart. You mess up, get up and play the next play. Don't dwell on one play and let it take you out of the game. You have to focus on the next play."

Opening Statement
"It was a great game. It was a well played game. It was an exciting game. Congratulations to Texas Tech and Mike (Leach) and his staff, they did an excellent job. They are a good team, but I am also very proud of our team. The guys played hard the entire game. They were able to bounce back and take the lead but we were not able to finish it out. They said it is a game of inches a lot of time and we just came up short several cases, especially on fourth downs and the list goes on and on. I thought we could have been smarter in some areas, especially on some penalties where we had several penalties that contributed to one drive. On their touchdown drive, the next to the last one, we could have been smarter and better and we kind of hurt ourselves. Again it was a well played game. My compliments to Tech. I'm proud of my team and their effort and the way they competed all day."

On Tech's game-winning touchdown
"I didn't see it and I'm not going to sit here and criticize. We have a system in place and you hope that it works and it makes the calls that are correct. You have to assume that was done and for me to sit here without seeing anything, and even if I have, we will not use that as an excuse."

On a reviewed play deciding the outcome of the game
Well, I feel better knowing there is a system in place that is there and you feel that they are all looked at and you are going to get the correct call. That's what you hope for. I still feel it is a good system and still you just have to trust the people in those situations are making the right call."

On Tech's defense
"They did a good job playing defense and ultimately only allowed 21 points. But Tech only had 10 points the entire first half, so we played pretty good too."

On Oklahoma's clock management during their last offensive drive
"We were aware of it, that is part of the reason we called run when we did, we had confidence in it. We also knew that by running the clock down, this was it for us, we had to score. We had two timeouts, so we had plenty of time."

On being frustrated after the loss
"Any time you lose it is frustrating and any way you lose it, it ends up the same thing."

On Tech's running game
"They hurt us with the running game, especially early. That was a big factor, I thought the biggest factor, in the first half. But we knew coming in that Taurean Henderson was an excellent player. He made some awfully good plays and we missed some tackles. We need to be better against the run."

On the ending to the game
"It's a heartbreaking loss. I guess we left too much time on the clock. We knew what their offense is about. They are about scoring and they are about scoring real fast. With about 50 seconds left, I kind of thought to myself when it was fourth and three, I didn't know if it was meant for them to win or if it was meant for us to win. This a tough loss, we knew it was going to be a tough loss down here. But we did not expect that outcome."

On their last offensive drive
"We have done it all year, getting something when we needed it and I guess we did it when we needed it. Our focus was up a little more because we knew we needed to score and we did that."

On being on the sidelines and watching Tech's winning touchdown unfold
"It was tough. Nobody knows who is right and who is wrong, so it was tough. But our defense played their hearts out, but it was just not enough."

On his touchdown run
"I was just determined to get into the end zone, we needed it. Basically out there, I was just determined to run hard and I was able to get in there."


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