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Nov. 29, 2008

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Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach

On tonight's game
"Greatness is playing together as a team and we got ourselves a South Division Championship trophy. It was really cool for our players and everybody. The first half was kind of a disaster, and it's one we are all embarrassed by. It's not one we ever want to be a part of, but it happens sometimes in sport. The second half was a great team effort."

On the second half turnaround
"I thought we played a lot more exciting. We had key players step up and that was really critical. You know, I am very happy and proud of them. It's part of the character of this team that I really admire."

On the reserves stepping up
"You know I was proud of our guys for doing it. We had some new faces step up, that's part of it. That's why we call them a team."

On Oklahoma and Oklahoma State tonight
"I used to coach for OU, so I don't particularly root for Oklahoma State, but I will be rooting for them tonight."

Defensive Coordinator Ruffin McNeill

On Robert Griffin's speed and athleticism
"(He is a) good athlete, an Olympic runner, and he's got Olympic speed. I told our guys that we don't have any Olympic trial guys on defense, so they did a good job. He's a good football player. He does a good job at quarterback, and he'll be very good in time."

On the game itself
"I'm glad we shook off Oklahoma. I thought it was on us a little bit in the first half, but glad we were able to show our character in the second half. I think that's what this team is because character is what you are when no one is watching. At halftime, the kids re-grouped, did a good job, and just played their style."

Quarterback Graham Harrell

Last week's game affecting this game
"The first half we didn't play very well and that's all it comes down to. Baylor out played us and luckily we were able to overcome that in the second half. Baylor's a good team and they're only getting better. They're going to be a team to watch out for in the future. We knew they were better than teams we had played in the past. We came out flat and they came out excited. When that happens, you know you're going to get beat. "

On playing without Crabtree in the second half
"It always hurts, but that second half we played really well without Crabtree out there. Everyone else just stepped up. All the receivers played well and the offensive line played really well in the second half. I had all day to throw back there."

On his last home game
"You never want to lose your last time at home, but it is alright that it was a close game. We've had a lot of close games this year and I guess it's only right that we end with a close game."

On the future conference outcome
"It's a great conference and when you have this many great teams in one conference, things like this happens. It's a tough conference to play in. There are too many great teams, and you can't really control that. We would like to have won last week and be undefeated, but we didn't. We want the best to turn out and whatever happens, happens. It's been an exciting year and this is the best conference."

Running Back Baron Batch

On the beginning of the game
"Baylor came out, hit us in the mouth and just played harder than us. They were pushing the line back and we went in, re-grouped, and executed a lot better. Everyone just settled down and things started to open up for us.

On the outcome of the conference games
"It was all on us; it was nothing that I can say poor us. All we had to do was win and we didn't. If we go to the Big 12 championship, we deserve it. If we don't, we didn't deserve it. I'm just glad we did what we could do and went out and beat Baylor."

Safety Darcel McBath

On winning a share of the Big 12 championship
"Coach (Leach) handed us the trophy and it felt good. We have seen it in a lot of locker rooms, and it feels good to see it in ours."

On his last home game (as a senior)
"We came in here as freshman and we wanted to do something that has not been done before. We wanted to get this program rolling in the right direction, and we have done that."

On the first half
"It was pretty emotional, and we just had to settle down. Everyone tried to make plays for the seniors, and we just needed to settle down."

Defensive Lineman McKinner Dixon

On Robert Griffin's speed and athleticism
"That was amazing. I've never seen a guy that fast period. That dude has some crazy speed, though. He's a great player."

On the crowd having an impact in the game "You could see that the crowd plays a little bit of a factor in the game, also, but usually it's all about us, though. We're just trying to get ourselves excited to play. We practiced all week, and we've been excited without a crowd, so we were just trying to go out there and do what we did on Tuesday and Wednesday."

Head Coach Art Briles

On game
"There's really nothing to say other than I am proud of the way our players played. I thought they played with a lot of passion and confidence. They played hard for each other. I'm extremely disappointed that we didn't come out with the victory. Tech's got a good football team. There is a reason they are 11-1 and No. 7 in the nation."

On Texas Tech's turn around
"You can't continually stop them. Name me someone that has in the last 55 ball games, maybe one or two games. What you got to do is keep punching back because they are going to get some punches in. We had a couple unfortunate things that happened to us in the end and it didn't happen."

On Baylor's defense
"They played outstanding. I'm proud of the way the offense played. I think we scored the first four times we had the football. We just didn't many possessions after the first half. I'm proud of the way the whole team played."

On outcome of the game
"I thought it was a clean, hard fought, really good college football game with two really good teams on the field. We were proud to be in it, proud to fight for it. It would have been really good win for our players, that's the only thing that upsets me."

Running Back Jay Finley

On being able to run the ball effectively
"It was the big guys up front. They had to do their job and we win. We started off good."

On what changed in the 2nd half
"They started twisting a little more, moving around more. They moved a lot faster than we did. They did a good job the second half."

On quarterback Robert Griffin keeping team in the game
"He's only freshman this year. He is only going to get better and stronger. He's going to make the big plays. The Big 12 and the nation better watch out for him and this team next year."

On defending both Griffin and Finley
"Their defense had to make a choice. They couldn't defend both of us. At first they were playing off Rob(Griffin) and so it opened up for me more. The second half, they started stunting more and that hurt what I was doing and what Rob(Griffin) was doing."

Defensive Tackle Vinny Rhodes

On defensive game plan
"We apply a lot of pressure. As anyone knows, if you let Graham (Harrell) sit back there all day and look at everything, he can make anything out of nothing. So that and turnovers were a must for us this weekend. I think we came out today, played hard and conquered a lot of our goals."

On a confidence level coming into the game
"We had a bye week last week and even last week, we concentrated a lot on things that would happen this week because we're not a bad defense, we're not a bad team. So it was really a good thing for us to come out here with a lot of confidence and believe in ourselves that we can come out and do a lot of things right."

On the fumble recovery caused by Leon Freeman
"It was incredible. A lot of the props go to Leon (Freeman). He came around the end so fast and the ball just kind of fell in my lap. I didn't know whether it was an incomplete pass or fumble so I just jumped on it as fast as I could."

Linebacker Joe Pawalek

On his reaction to the game and how it mirrors the rest of the season
"What was it a touchdown? We're right there in the game. There is no question about the effort of the guys on the team, on the way we're fighting, the way we're playing and the way we're believing in what is going on."

On team's intensity and game plan
"I felt like we were pretty intense throughout the whole game. We caught a couple of bad breaks with penalties. If we wouldn't have had those penalties on that long drive, the turnovers would've been to three. We came in here trying to make them throw the ball and stop the running game and create turnovers."




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