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August 4, 2011

Red Raider football players utilize the practice field at the Football Training Facility during summer workouts

by Alexandra Ellis
Texas Tech Athletics Communications

The student-athletes in the Texas Tech Red Raider Football team arrive at the Football Training Facility to better themselves with the help of the support staff arrive at either 6 a.m. or 8 a.m. But someone has to be there to turn on the lights, make sure the weights are ready to go, the facility is equipped with hydrating fluids and the training room is stocked with medical supplies.

Yes, the Football Training Facility is constantly buzzing with activity, even during the off-season.

"We're basically in operations mode year-round," stated Arnold Gamber, Tech's head athletic football trainer. "I'm here 365 days of the year."

With summer workouts wrapping up two days ago, and fall training camp starting tomorrow, Gamber's group makes sure the players are staying hydrated. With the record heat Lubbock has experienced this summer, there is nothing more important than making sure the players have enough fluids in their body to keep them healthy.

"First and foremost, we educate the kids on staying hydrated," Gamer said. "We have fluids available prior to workouts, during workouts and post-workouts."

During the training sessions, the players are encouraged to keep water bottles while there are plenty of fluids available in each room. Gamber said the players are also given fluids by the training staff to take home with them, as hydration 24-hours a day, seven days a week is vastly important. The players are also suited with different electrolyte supplements to keep them refreshed.

Water isn't the only fluids the players are using to keep themselves refreshed and nourished. The student-athletes are additionally educated on what to eat and what not to eat.

"The other part of hydration is eating," Gamer said. "A lot of people fail to remember that. Nutrition is also very important, not just fluid replacement, but total caloric replacement, including the right type of calories. It all adds up in the bigger picture."

In addition to the athletics trainers assisting behind the scenes, the equipment staff is also busy at work.

From Equipment, player uniforms and every last imaginable detail is what head football equipment manager Zane Perry handles and manages on a day-to-day basis.

"Right now in the summer, we rotate days," Perry said. "We have one guy that comes in about 5 a.m. for the 6 a.m. workouts to make sure there are no problems with laundry or anything, and we usually leave around 6-6:30 in the evening."

The staff in the equipment room is responsible for making sure all the players and staff are properly equipped for workouts and games. The staff is additionally accountable for issuing all protective and workout gear, the preparation of team uniforms, ordering of all team gear including helmets, shoulder pads and other equipment such as the apparel provided by the official outfitter of Texas Tech Athletics, Under Armour.

The Texas Tech compliance office is another department that doesn't take the summer off. Compliance plays a heavy role in making sure each student-athlete has all of their necessary documents filed along with being eligible for participation. In addition, academics also keeps an eye on each student's grades, and can also play an important role in keeping an eye on the student-athlete's progress, and making sure they stay the course with their degree plan.

Perry and the compliance staff will communicate throughout the summer to make sure each of the student-athletes is ready for participation.

"Once all of the players are cleared by compliance to receive their workout gear, they receive it depending on the season, be it warm or cold," continued Perry. "We give them all of the necessities, including the practice pants, practice jerseys, girdles and undershirts. And we go through the walk-through clothes and the weight room shoes to work out in."

"Football is show-business," Gamber said. "It's like a concert. The fans see a two-hour concert, but they don't see the twelve hours before, or the 12 hours after that it takes to get ready for the production and the take-down. For everything to happen, you have to have all of the programming and logistics for all of that to happen."




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