Q&A With Running Backs Coach Chad Scott

 <A HREF= Running Backs Coach Chad Scott is looking for big things from the offense during Saturday's scrimmage.

August 12, 2011

by Britton Drown
Texas Tech Athletics Communications

Q: What is the excitement level like among the players to finally have this first scrimmage of fall camp?

A: They are very excited. It's the first opportunity they have to scrimmage, and unlike the spring, we are scrimmaging now knowing there is going to be a game eventually coming around the corner. Guys are very excited to compete and show what they can do.

Q: What do you find is the most challenging part of training camp for players?

A: I think the most challenging part for them is just trying to find time to get some rest and allow their body to rest, heal and cool down and understand the mental part of it. I think since they are so young and [were just] in high school they would just go. They have to undersand on this level, they have to have to rest a little bit because it's all mental on this level.

Q: As a coach, what goes into planning training camp?

A: You have to map out how you are going to call practice, the types of plays you want to work, what you want to emphasize. You have to think about all of the rest time and how player's bodies are reacting depending upon how many days you have been practicing repeatedly. You also have to think ahead of time with the season around the corner. So you also have to think about the game plan and some things that you may want to do versus certain teams that you may want to implement during the season that you need to try out in training camp. In training camp you have time, if you are going to mess up, to try and fix it.

Q: What are you looking forward to seeing tomorrow out of the running backs?

A: Competition is the biggest thing. I want to see guys fly around. We have been in camp now for five or six days and guys have had some time to run every play we are probably going to call tomorrow, and have seen other guys run. So tomorrow I'm looking forward to guys coming out there with a limitless amount of effort and enthusiasm, great energy and competing their butts off."




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