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Aug. 19, 1998

Quoting Texas Tech head football coach Spike Dykes

On the schedule and high expectations on the season:

"I think what happens if you're not careful is you start playing games before you get to the real game. Our guys have been pretty good and they've done a good job of staying focused. They understand what you've got to do. In football if you're going to get better, you've got to be lucky. You've got to get better and you've got to make those plays to have a chance to win some games. We were close last year a lot of times against some good teams. We did the job sometimes and we didn't do it other times. We've got to get consistent.

"This team is a lot of fun. There's no prima donas, there's no hot shots. I don't know if it's an heir of cockiness . They have an heir of assurance. They feel good about themselves. They're confident but I don't think they're over confident. The best thing is that they have a realistic approach to this schedule and this season. When you start every season, there's always great anticipation. The cloud is gone over our heads. They're finally going to get a chance to just play football and I think they're happy to just focus on that."

On what it means to have a guy like Montae Reagor on the team, making big plays, etc.:

"It means a lot. It rubs off on the other players. He is a sincere leader and a leader by example. It means a lot to have someone like Montae Reagor."

On if the Red Raiders have more athleticism athletes on defense than ever:

"When we had Marcus Coleman, Zach Thomas, boy we had some darned good ones on the team. Overall, now the whole squad is loaded with athleticism. We may not have any as good as them but it's the whole squad. The chemistry of the team is good and the work ethic is good. They all get a long and boy, it sure is nice when they all get along. It's a pretty neat deal."

On the tight end situation:

"There's going to be instances when we've got two or three tight ends in the game at once. Those guys- they've got some unusual talents. It's going to be interesting to see how that all pans out. Right now, they're pretty good."

On the scholarship reductions and redshirt determinations:

"Not really. The scholarship limitations will hurt us. That's obvious. I look back at our list and we had less scholarships than we had to give for the last couple of years. The good thing about that stuff is that it's over. It's been hashed, reshashed and re-rehashed. It's the same old deal- don't worry about what you can't have, worry about what you do have."

On the 1998 recruiting class:

"They're good players. So many people say so many things about people they've never seen play. It's pretty hard to evaluate that. It's a good class. They've looked very good."




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