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Player Quotes from Media Day

Players speak up on several topics.

August 19, 1998

Montae Reagor

On Texas and Texas A&M being chosen over them to win the Big 12 South
"We don't mind being the underdog. We are going to prove that we have players that can play ball just like they have players who can play ball. We'll just have to do our best every Saturday."

On playing in the NFL
"It's a thought in my mind, but I still have to prove myself this year to have a shot at that honor. If I get there, that's great, but if I don't I'll be a successful coach and teacher."

Rob Peters

On the offense
"Last year after Donnie got hur our passing game suffered, because everyone else was young and we didn't have very many people. This year we have a lot of depth and we expect Ricky Williams to have another great year. Hopefully we'll keep everybody healthy and the defenses off balance."

On the passing game
"I think Derrick Dorris is going to have a great year. I think Donnie Hart is going to see a lot of attention with double coverage the first few games which will create one-on-one opportunities for Derrick. I know he can get open, and I'll hopefully get thim the ball."

Erik Carruth

On the offensive line
"We have great guys up front. We are all big and all strong. We come off the ball real well and are beginning developled an attitude that says we want to be one of the best in the country."

John Norman

On taking over the starting safety job

"I'm approaching it with a lot of confidence. Last year I came in as a freshman and didn't play much. I played behind Dayne Johnson. He taught me a lot that I will carry into the season."

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