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September 20, 1998

LUBBOCK, Texas - Spike Dykes Quotes From Sunday Teleconference

Comments on Fresno State Game

Thank goodness those games last 60 minutes. We've won at the wire and lost at the wire before; it takes a lot out of you. I'm very proud of players for playing hard the entire game. They overcame a lot of adverse things, hung in there and got the win.

It was nice to win one like that. We've haven't done that since Zach Thomas ran back the interception versus Texas A&M at the end of the game.

We allowed somethings to happen that can stop us from winning many football games this season. We had crucial penalties in the red zone. We turned the ball over three times. We turned a receiver loose a time or two on defense.

We had five or six great plays in the game. Reagan Bownds knocking loose the ball and Kyle Shipley running it in for the score. We had some great defensive stands at goal line. Donnie Hart had a great touchdown reception to end the first half. Ricky Williams had another great game. He's unbelievable, he made yards where there were no holes. We're getting better and doing a lot of things good.

It was a nice win for our team and a great lesson for our kids. It taught them that is what happens when you never give up. You can say what you want, but you have to have a lot of fortitude to stay in the ball game like our kids did last night. It proved to be the difference in the ball game.

We have a lot of respect for Fresno State. They have great athletes and played a great game. They will win a lot games this year.

Now we are getting ready to open the conference at Iowa State. They are fresh off two victories against Iowa and Ball State. Our hands will be full once again. They have the fourth leading rusher in the nation, a good quarterback and are extremely well coached. They have a scary football team especially they way they have performed in their past two games.

On Kicking Game

We had a punt blocked and allowed two or three good returns. You can make excuses, but there was no reason for those things happening. We have to improve in the kicking game. But, turn around and our biggest play of the game was John Norman's punt return. It was one of the most tremendous things I've seen since I've been coaching. It was a great effort and gave us another chance to win the game.

One the Importance of the Win

I think the win helps our confidence a lot. It's better than starting Big 12 play 1-2 like last year. Confidence breeds success. The guys are excited, but they understand that it will take more work to take it to the next level.

On Ricky Williams Carrying the Ball 42 Times

That does not seem to bother him. That doesn't mean we want him carrying the ball 42 times every game. That's a lot of work, but he's a durable back.

Monday Press Conference

"I guess it was a tale of two cities Saturday night. It was an emotional rollercoaster. Fortunately, we won the game. We we're lucky to win the game. I think you're lucky when you have to make a big play to win a game. A lot of things gave us a chance to win."

"The first half of the game we played nearly a perfect game. The first possesion they drove the ball up the field and kicked a field goal, but, after that, they played nearly a perfect game. We had a block punt which was a mistake."

"The second half we weren't quite as crisp and as in sync and gave them a chance to get back in the ball game. We committed some mistakes we shouldn't. I told our offensive coaches to get a little more conservative and not give up any turnovers."

"Our guys played extremely well and had some great goal line stands. But, the ability to hold their offense at the one at the end of the game and make the big play on third down was crucial. If they had made it out of the endzone, they would have been able to run out the clock."

"The good thing about this game is that we learned a lot. It was a great win against a good well coached Fresno State football team. They did a lot of things that exploited weakness that we have. We allowed some big plays on defense, but overall they did a good job."

"We are nicked up a little more than we would like, but, luckily, we have no serious injuries at this point."

"We are traveling to Iowa State this weekend. The game is a long trip and is early in the morning. That worries you a little bit because you get out of your routine. We will have to limit the travel squad to 66 players. That is tough because we have been playing close to 75 guys each game and we have some players injured right now. We have to make some tough decision in that regard."

"Iowa State has a great running back in Darren Davis. His spinning running style is something our team hasn't seen this season. Also, he is a good receiver out of the backfield. Their defense is big and strong. We'll have our hands full. We'll have to play 60 minutes of football and improve on turnovers, punting and punt coverage."




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