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September 27, 1998

LUBBOCK, Texas - Overall Impressions on Iowa State Game

"It was good win for us. It was one of those games you are glad to get out of there with a victory. We got a commanding lead and Iowa State made the big plays to get back in the game. I give them a lot of credit for being extremely well prepared for the ball game. They did a lot of things on defense and offense we hadn't seen before."

"We were a little bit sluggish in the whole game. It's a little disappointing to play with that level of emotion at this stage in the season."

"I thought Donnie Hart did a good job. He made two of the most spectacular catches I've ever seen in my life. I thought Matt Tittle continued to look good at quarterback. Tight end Kyle Allamon had several nice blocks for us on the game. Ricky Williams was strong running the football. On defense, I don't know when we had somebody play as well as Reagan Bownds. The defensive unit was very solid. Anthony Malbrough, Montae Reagor and the defensive tackles all played well."

"We had a nice play out of Brian Roberson and the punting game. He did a good job side stopping the rusher and getting off his kick. Chris Birkholz continued to kick well for us despite the wind and kicking off grass."

"Overall, there were a lot of big plays, but a lot of bad penalties. We still have a lot of work to do."

On Iowa State's preparation for the game

"They had a nice game plan that was really well conceived. A great job of coaching on Iowa State's part."

On lessons from the Fresno State game and turning over the ball

"I think that game helped us a lot. It helped to keep us from getting panic stricken. It 's all part of the learning process. The only thing that bothers me is that we are turning over the ball a lot and getting a lot of penalties. We have to do a better job taking care of the ball."

On Ricky Williams' 105 yard rushing performance

"It was a hard day at the office. He had a heck of a ball game even though he made a 105 yards. He's a tough son of a gun."

Ricky Williams at Monday Press Conference

"They played a good game on the offensive side. It's a positive to me, our passing game opened up and it really helped us out."

"I think Donnie Hart had a good game and Matt Tittle threw a lot of good passes. We still need to pick it up a whole lot and score every chance we get."

"I expect another good defense that we're facing this weekend. I think Baylor will be pretty good. I watched the game last night against Colorado, so I think we're going to have another tough game on offense. I think they've got pretty good speed. I'm going to get in today and watch film on a lot of other games and see what are their strong points and weak points."

"I think they are the type of team that is just doesn't give up. They're going to play until the very end. I think that a defense that plays tough until the very end is going to give us some good competition."

"I think that is one thing we can do to loosen up the running game a little bit. We can get me out in routs a little bit that will help us out in the passing game. We came in this year wanting to be able to pass the ball and run the ball in the offense. If our running game isn't working, then we can pass the ball. We showed a perfect example of that last weekend."

"Last Saturday I felt I played a pretty bad game. I wasn't really mentally focused, so I wasn't really ready to play the game. I kind of wanted to make up for a lot of things. Coach depended on me to get the first down so we could win the game. One thought that went through my mind was get the first down and nothing less and that's exactly what I did."

I've talked to coach and I think he is exactly right about the issue. Last year I had no fumbles and this year I have three or four and it's really something that's frustrating me. "I'm getting the ball a lot more and I'm trying to do a lot more things. I'm reaching out for extra yards and a lot of things like that and fumbles can get caused that way. I need to calm down and play my game and just relax and protect the ball. My main focus is to try to protect the ball this week, not try to do too much but just protect the ball and get the job done."

Coach Spike Dykes From Monday Press Conference

"I was impressed by Iowa State's team. Their quarterback and running back were very good. I thought we did a good job of not panicing when we fell behind and hanging in there. Matt had his best game this season. Donnie Hart continues to amaze me with his ability to get open. Matt did a nice job hitting him. I think him and Ricky (Williams) really compliment each other. It was nice to get Rob Peters back in the game. We hope to play him 10-20 plays in the game. He played 14 and did a good job. This week he'll do a lot better. It was also great to have Jonathon Hawkins back. I didn't think he'd play, but he worked hard Thursday in the training room and we took him. Defensively, Montae Reagor continues to make plays. Reagan Bownds played the best anyone has in a long time as far as making plays He made play after play in the ball game. Tim Duffie did a good job stepping for Kevin McCullar. The tackles continued to improve. Anthony Malbrough knocked down four passes. We're making progress. It's nice to be 4-0. I'm proud of our team."

"Baylor presents a lot of problems. They are big strong and scary. We have to get a lot better. We still have some chinks in the armor we need to iron out. We are trying to improve everyday."




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