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October 4, 1998

LUBBOCK, Texas - Spike Dykes Weekly Sunday Teleconference

"A win is a win, I guess. The thing you talk about every Saturday when the game is over is one of two things.. Either you win or you lose. We were fortunate enough to win that thing last night (against Baylor). It was a wild football game. We could never put them away. We had a commanding lead a couple of different times in the ballgame. Late in the ballgame we were ahead 15 points and we never could put it out of reach. You have to give Baylor a lot of credit for that.

"We had more guys hurt in the ballgame last night than we have had in a long time. WE really got tired. Out depth was diminished. We had the same guys playing a lot of football. A lot of our big playmakers were absolutely worn out. I'm sure that happened for (Baylor) too.

"Offensively we had a lot of yardage. We were able to establish the run a little bit with Ricky (Williams). I thought Ricky had another fine ballgame. We had a makeshift line in there. At one time in the fourth quarter we had one starter on the field (due to injuries). Donnie Hart had another fine ballgame. Kyle Allamon came to the front a little bit as a tight end. Rob Peters did well. On defense, we had Kyle Shipley really play well for us. Kyle missed all week due to a sprained ankle and he played nearly the whole ballgame.

"We were fortunate enough to win the ballgame. I really give our guys a lot of credit. It was a hard-hitting ballgame. I tell you, Baylor is aggressive and they are tough and physical. I have a lot of admiration for the way they played. They got behind and rather than let up, they just came roaring back stronger and got back in the ballgame. I thought Jermaine Alfred (Baylor backup qb) was really a poised individual. I thought he really did a nice job of directing their offense. We had a hard time putting them out of commission there at the end. We did what you have to do to win. All-in-all, it was certainly a nice win.

"The big concern we have now is that we've got is how healthy we will be next week. We have a lot of guys on the injured list and that bothers you a lot this time of year. There were a number of players on our team that really did play extremely well last night and they continue to amaze me. Montae Reagor continues to make big plays. Jason Jones. Kris Kocurek. Both of those guys really played well. Taurus Rucker continues to play well. Reagan Bownds had another good ballgame. Ty Ardoin had a good ballgame. I thought Rob Peters really established himself and really made some great plays in the ballgame. He came to the front and really performed well."

(On last three games' fourth quarter heroics) "The thing about it, and we talk about it all the time, these games are sixty minute games. Every one of those minutes count and all those plays count. Our guys hung in there and made a lot plays when they had to and that's what happens when you play good football teams. The effort that we put out tells late in the ballgame. Our conditioning is excellent. We had very few people that were able to substitute for last night due to some injuries in key areas. It's a thrill a minutes, there's no doubt about it. We had some young (linemen) who really did well in the game."

(On quarterback situation) "Matt Tittle has to be commended. He took a lot of shots when he was really the only one we had left. He persevered. Then Rob came back. They have really been a joy to be around. If you aren't careful, it can really be a hard situation when you have two good players at one position. They have both handled it well and I appreciate both of them. The attitude they have is that whatever it takes for us to win, let's do it. Believe me that is hard to do when you are as competitive as they are and play that position as hard as they both play it. They are certainly team guys I think that is bit characteristic of this football team. Every once in a while you get a team that the chemistry is right. This is a fun team and they really do sellout and give a lot."

(On Williams' effort) "He did a good job. He really had his best run of the season (on TD run). It was one of those fatigue nights if you aren't careful. Ricky continues to amaze me. I thought really, honestly he ran better last night than he has run anytime this year. He made more out of nothing. he made long runs out of nice holes. He continues to improve every week. It is completely due to the fact that he has a great work ethic. I thought those linemen did a fine job."

(About Oklahoma State) "I haven't seen the film yet of last night's Nebraska game. Oklahoma State has got a heck of a good football team. They beat Mississippi State pretty soundly. The only stumbling block they have had was that Tulsa (game). It was one of those games that is hard for them to play. They have everything to lose and really nothing to gain. They have a heck of a nucleus coming back. They have more starters coming back than anyone in the conference. They have some other guys back who weren't able to play last year. They have a lot of good players. They are good up front. Their defensive scheme is good. Their ability to move the football on offense is good. Our boat will be loaded, no doubt about it."

(On success vs. the run) "We've really tried to attack the run. In this conference, the rush, week-after-week, is pretty hard to cope with. We put a lot of emphasis on it. Sometimes you might overemphasize it. We were a little bit less resilient against the pass than we would like to have been last night. We have to get better at playing pass defense. The scheme has a little bit to do with it, but last night I think was just out-execution. They were really adept at what they did. I was really impressed with Jermaine Alfred."




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