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October 18, 1998

LUBBOCK, Texas - Spike Dykes Opening remarks after Colorado

You have to give Colorado credit. They did what they had to do to win the game. We had a chance; we just couldn't quite get it done. It was a hard hitting game for sixty minutes. It went right down to the wire, but they came out on top. Now we have to forget about it and get ready for Texas A&M.

About how the team will move on past the loss

The good thing about this team is they really haven't dwelled on the past very much. They have taken each game and adressed it. They were heart broken because they lost the game, but when it's over, it's over. The sixty minutes was over and there was nothing we can do about it, but move on.

If you look back at last week all the time you are going to constantly be in trouble. Our team has done a good job of keeping their mind on their business. They've done well getting over a win, and I'm sure they'll get over this loss. It does take a lot of wind out of your sails. Our players just take the hand that was dealt them and move on. I think they will. I think maturity will help a lot.

On Montae Reagor's performance

Montae played with a lot of pain and had one of his better games. It tellsyou about what kind of guy he is. He was all over the field with sacks and tackles. Montae is one of those guys that can play with pain. He amazes me with his endurance and how hard he played.

On players who returnded to the lineup

The injured players came back well. Kevin McCullar and Ty Ardoin played good ball games.

On the play of the offense

We were awful good at times. They had the No. 6 defensive team in the nation. We had 450 yards against them which is pretty. The bad thing is we had three turnovers. The turnovers aren't what beat us. It was really a great job of field position by Colorado. We had an extremely long way to go most of the time. Also, they were able to get us off the field three and out in the second half. They controlled the clock in the second half about two to one. We couldn't get the ball away from them in the long drives and they stopped us the first few times. Those things come back to haunt you.

Opening comments from Monday's press conference

"Tough loss at Boulder on Saturday. It's one of those losses that haunts you. To beat ranked teams, you have to play good. We made too many mistakes. They capitalized on the them and won. I have great admiration for Colorado. Their quarterback Moschetti played a great game. The plays that he made to win the game were unbelievable. He really did a good job."

"I thought we had a lot of guys play really well. I thought that was the best game Montae Reagor has played since he came here. Oscar Solis, John Norman and Keith Cockrum all had great games for us on defense. The defense played really well. We had a lot of goal line stands and a great effort.

We didn't get anybody hurt. Everybody is in pretty good shape."

"Colorado played a great game. They executed well and didn't have many penalties. They looked very cohesive."

"Now we have to forget about that ball game and focus on A&M. They are a good team and it is always a good game. It should be a tough test for us.

On playing Texas A&M

"Texas A&M is a natural rival. We have a lot of respect for them and the way they handle their business. When you play those kinds of times you usually play good. It has been a good rivalry. One that's healthy and fun to play. "

On playing in College Station

"Colorado is a tough place to play and I think our guys handled that ok. I don't think our guys will be intimidated at College Station. I think they will play hard and give us a chance to win the ball game. "

On if winning past three games against Texas A&M gives Texas Tech an advantage

"I don't think it does. Those teams are gone. Every team is a different team with new chemistry. I don't think what happened last year makes much difference, win or lose."




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