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October 25, 1998

LUBBOCK, Texas - Spike Dykes comments from weekly teleconference following Texas A&M game

"We got beat by a good football team on Saturday in a tough place to play. I thought our guys played hard. I don't think there was any lack of effort. I guess when you lose the first thing to do is try to figure out who to blame. I can't find anyone to blame. We had a chance to win late in the game against a top-ten football team. We just couldn't quite get it done. The credit goes to A&M they made the plays when the had to. We had some opportunities. We played hard and had a chance at the end and that is about all you can ask for. It was a defensive struggle We hoped to hang around and win it at the end like we did the past few years, and we just didn't get the job done. They out executed us when they had to and we went down. As for the injury situation, we have a few guys bruised up, but we should have all hands on deck for a good Missouri football team next week. This is a tough football conference. The Big 12 teams come to play football every week. We can't hang our head down long now. Two loses in a row is kind of discouraging, but we'll try to regroup and see what we can do next week"

On Donnie Hart's play in the endzone near the end of the game

"I don't worry about it, you have to go with what they (the referees) call. They had the best view of it."

On A&M's defense

"They've got a lot more speed than they have had the past few years. They aren't quite as big and physical this year. They have good defensive ends and secondary that gave our guys a hard time to get open. Their linebackers really put a lot of pressure on our offense. They are a quick defense and extremely well coached."

On the fake field goal by A&M

"The fake field goal was a great call. They out executed us on a gutsy a move. It was probably changed the momentum some, but we went down later and scored again off a turnover."

On the struggles of the offense

"I think the defensive teams (Texas A&M and Colorado) you play against have a large part in that. We were nearly as productive as Texas A&M. It was just a defensive struggle. When you play two of the top defensive teams in the nation it's tough."

On Missouri

"I haven't had the chance to watch much film on them, but I know they have a great quarterback and running back. They've lost two games to Ohio State and Nebraska. They are a big strong solid football team more like a Big 10 team than one from our conference. Corby Jones is a great quarterback. Defensively, they are very solid and have made a lot of plays. Larry is a good coach and done a great job with the program."

Spike Dykes Monday Press Conference

"Saturday was a hard day for us. We lost to a good football team in a very, very great setting for college football. I wish I knew who to blame other than myself because that is part of what you go through when you lose those close games to those good football teams. A&M did a good job at the ball game."

"A&M had 47 yards in the second half. We played great defense. We had 112 yards in the second half. We could not get on the scoreboard in the second half. It was one of those defensive slugfests that we thought might happen. The last three years the game plan was try to stay, hang in there and try to have a chance to win. And we were fortunate enough to do that a couple of times and it didn't work Saturday. I thought A&M made very few mistakes. They made key first downs and we did not make some key first downs when we needed to. And the time of possession, they had it 35 minutes and we had it about 25. So those things come into the figure. It was right down to the wire and we just did not make the plays we needed to to win the game."

On Saturday's opponent Missouri

"We've got an extremely hard game coming up Saturday. In fact, we're playing Missouri as you well know, and they had 169 yards against Nebraska. But, the last three plays of the game they throw it in the end zone. If they catch it they tie the game or have a chance to go for two and win the game. They're very opportunistic. They do a good job of taking care of their business. Corby Jones is probably the best quarterback we've seen. He's a good leader. Hes a guy that's been at the helm there for three years. And really a good person. He's extremely tough. He's a very smart, very dedicated guy. Devin, their tailback, is a good player. He gets old before the day gets there. He just runs over and over and over right up your midsection. Their line is big and strong and physical. They're sort of a Big Ten style football team. A lot of power football, a lot of play-action passes. Defensively they are in the same category as an A&M or Colorado. They're big and strong. They're not as fast as A&M probably. Weve got our hands full. Weve got another tough day at the office. They're sort of in the same boat were in. They've got two losses. They can ill-afford anymore losses. They're still ranked in the top 25 and rightfully so. They've lost two games, one to Ohio State and one to Nebraska."

On Missouri running back Devin West

"West runs a little bit like Bam ran. He's got good change of direction. Hes got some power, but he's not just a power runner. He's got some finesse. He's really a good back. The thing we're going to need to do is just build a fence around him and Corby Jones because theyve got a good option attack."

On getting past the lost

"We're just going to go out and try to win every Saturday and keep on keeping on. This is our ninth-straight week of football and these guys have handled it pretty good."




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