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November 8, 1998

LUBBOCK, Texas - Opening Comments for game against Texas:

"With all the guys we have injured, the open week was really at a good time. Early in the season when you saw an open date after your ninth game you wondered if it was at a good time or not. I worked out well for us. I think all our ailing guys will be ready to go next Saturday. When I saw them on Friday they were much better. We did not practice on Friday, but if we had the injured players would have practiced. Since we had a few days off, I let them rest. I think they will play next week. Offensive lineman Justin Collingsworth is the only one that might not play. Hopefully, when we practice on Tuesday everybody will be at full speed."

On the effect of losing the last three games:

"We are not far from being undefeated. We have lost three close to ranked football teams. That takes its toll, but it doesn't have the same effects as losing 40-0. These guys understand they are a little bit away from being pretty darn good. We have some football left and we are going to see what we can do. That is the attitude we have right now. Losing three games was disappointing, but our desires for the season was high. We can't do much about what has happened in the past, but we can finish strong in our last two games."

On the University of Texas:

"Texas is a prolific offensive football team. You could talk about Ricky Williams for two hours. It's been amazing to watch him and see what he brings to the game. I think Major Applewhite continues to make plays. He is a guy who has come on the scene and made plays and done a nice job with everything he has done. Without a doubt, he is in full command of what they do. Their offensive line is good. Wayne McGarity is a big play receiver and Derek Lewis is a great tight end. They have quite an arsenal. They don't make many mistakes and play good solid football."

"In my opinion, Texas is the best offensive football team we've seen this year. Missouri has a great offensive team, but Texas is a little bit different. They have a great running back, good receivers and a quarterback that is playing well. Texas is a prolific offensive team."

"On defense, they are as improved in a year as any football team I have seen. They have a lot of good football players with a lot of speed. They have a fine interior line and good linebackers. They have a complete football team that finds a way to win almost every Saturday."

On Montae Reagor who is playing his final game at home:

"We haven't had many players that have had more impact than Montae. He is really a genuine unselfish team player with a lot of ability. Probably has meant more for our team the way he works year round in the classroom and on the field. A guys like him is invaluable to a program. He is nearly too good to be true. He gives you so much leadership and so many big plays. I don't know if I've ever heard of a guys having as many tackles behind the line of scrimmage. He is unbelievable. The success of our defense starts with him. He is one of the guys that makes coaching fun."

On what the defensive ends most do against Texas:

"They will have to apply pressure to Applewhite and do a good job against Ricky Williams. He is rarely brought down by just one player. They have to stay on their feet and be active in the football game."

On Ricky Hunter:

"He has been in the game quite a few times this year, but he hasn't carried much. The Missouri game was the first time he had played for an extended time. He opened a few eyes including mine. He did better than I thought he would. He has a great attitude and works hard. You really want him to do well. We really feel good about putting him into the game to spell Ricky Williams."

On Ricky Williams:

"He has really gotten better and not made many bad plays. He has been nearly perfect in doing everything we have asked him to do. His strength and quickness have continued to improve. The more he has played, the more he has improved. He is more durable now and can take licks better. He has come a long way. He is a real good solid tailback in our offensive; that is what he had envisioned for him."




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