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Alex Torres has become one of the most reliable receivers for Texas Tech this season.

Nov. 18, 2011

by Meredith Hillgartner
Texas Tech Athletics Communications

Alex Torres knows his role.

A role, the 24 year old El Paso native does well.

Catching at least one pass in 22 consecutive Big 12 conference games, he is nothing if not consistent.

He has over 100 career receptions and leads active Red Raiders with 1,872 receiving yards.

"I get coached up well Sunday through Friday on whatever it is," Torres said. "When I go out there, there's nothing I don't know or nothing I haven't been coached to do, at whatever position I'm in. So really it just comes down to going and executing what I've been coached to do."

"We've been through some major struggles but the biggest thing is just being able to overcome that by sticking together."

Torres has held positions on offense and special teams, playing a vital role on both sides. This year, he has 616 total receiving yards and four touchdowns.

The junior wide receiver has thrived in a season where the team has faltered, losing three-straight games after a solid 5-2 start.

For Torres though, it is not time to give up.

"Leadership-wise I've been really trying to get the guys motivated and keep everyone up in the locker room because things really haven't gone our way," Torres said. "We've been through some major struggles but the biggest thing is just being able to overcome that by sticking together."

Keeping the team motivated and focused, Torres said, has proven to be a difficult task-especially when their efforts aren't producing the kind results the players want.

"I think some guys try to overcompensate and I think some guys are not confident in their ability to play," Torres said. "It's just one of those mental aspects where you've got to be mentally strong and overcome those types of things, but I think it's touched on a lot of players on the offensive side of the ball."

Torres said he had to overcome a lot of adversity as a student at the Air Force Academy, but the experience has prepared him for the struggles he faces this year.

"The maturity I was able to gain being at the Air Force Academy and then going through some struggles to get here," Torres said. "It really helped me to understand the whole scheme of things and look a little bit past the struggles and adversity and really focus on overcoming it."

The adversity Torres and the rest of the team are trying to overcome is getting back to a place where they can focus on the game.

"That level of confidence we had in the beginning of the year," Torres said. "We just went out there and trusted our ability and didn't play so tentative and so uptight and I think a lot of it has really has carried over to our execution."

Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville said the team will most likely cut back on practices and focus on being healthy and fresh when they face Missouri on Saturday in Columbia. Focused and relaxed is something Torres said he does well, at least during pregame.

Torres said while some guys are yelling and getting pumped up, his pre-game preparation is all about relaxing music and getting into the zone.

"I talk to some of the guys, shake their hand, get out there and make a few jokes and stuff about how we can't wait to play," Torres said with a smile. "[I] just really get into a mindset where I'm a little more laid back rather than hyped up and anxious and stuff, because I know as soon as that ball is kicked off all those emotions and all that, I get hyped up with that plenty enough."




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