Quarterback Steven Sheffield:

Opening Statements:

Why is everyone always so serious in here all the time? Why is that? Iím not going to be that serious. I donít want to answer any questions about Coach Leach and Adam James. We can talk about the game.


On going for it on the two fourth down plays in the fourth quarter:

We executed them and Iím glad we went for it. There was kind of a debate on the second one about whether we would go for a field goal or go for it. Weíre close so we might as well go for it.


On how he felt to get on the field in the game:

I was excited. Iíve been excited to redeem myself since Oklahoma State. I played horrible game but my foot has been getting better. Iíve wanted to be on the field since day one. Things have been going so well. The practices have been good and me and Potts are both throwing well. In my mind I wanted to start and I wanted to play every down but I was excited to go in.


On whether he expected to play:

Lincoln Riley came up to me and asked me to warm up. I was (a little caught off guard) but Iím glad he came up to me. We needed to win and I was trying to win. Itís fun when you get to win. You can go in there and over think things or hesitate or you can go in and know youíre going to win and just win.


On overcoming adversity:

I was telling a lot of guys on the field that we had a lot of adversity all week and we talked about overcoming it. This whole week wasnít really about the team. Weíre were on the news here and the news here and this and that so I think it was real special for the team to come together and the coaches to come together. Especially Coach Ruff (McNeill) steeping in for the head job and getting this win. Iím proud of everyone.


On how he felt to provide a spark to the offense:

Not starting the game (it felt good) coming in and getting my team a spark. Whatever it takes to get a win.


Running Back Barron Batch:

On how the team feels about Interim Head Coach Ruffin McNeill:

Speaking for everyone we all want Coach Ruff to be the next head coach. That was kind of us just showing that. Thereís no divisiveness amongst the team or players or anything for that matter. We fully support Coach Ruff and weíre ready to run through a brick wall for him.


On what he would say to Coach Leach is he spoke to him:

I think the best thing for Tech and for Tech fans right now is just to move on. I looked up in the stands and I saw ĎTeam Leachí and ĎBring Back Leachí (signs) and Leach ainít coming back. Thatís how it is. We got what we got. We got the coaches weíve got. We got the players weíve got. The best thing right now is to move on and understand weíre still a very good football team with good players and good coaches.


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