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1996 Men's Cross Country Results
Date     Event              Men Top Finisher
Sept. 7   Red Raider Open       1st 	Jim Edmonson (1st)
Sept. 21  SMU Invitational      11th    David Leigh (20th)
Sept. 27  New Mexico State      3rd 	David Leigh (6th)
Oct.      5 Cowboy Jamboree     ----    
Oct. 2    Texas Tech Open       1st 	David Leigh (4th)
Oct. 19   Arkansas Invitational ----        
Oct. 19   West Texas A&M        1st		Ben Freidman (4th)
Nov. 2    Big 12 Championships  12th    David Leigh (55th)
Nov. 16   NCAA District 6       ----    
Nov. 25   NCAA Nationals        ----    

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