Step Up And Give Us Your 110 Percent

Join student-athletes like Kennedy Kithuka and give us your 110 percent.

April 26, 2013

As another group of tremendous student-athletes prepares to graduate, the Red Raider Club continues to ask donors to consider increasing their gift by an additional 10 percent. This increase not only represents the 110% our student-athletes give both in competition and in the classroom but will also support the remarkable efforts and determination Texas Tech student-athletes exhibit every day.

Thanks to the 650 plus donors that have already made that extra commitment, this effort has resulted in over $260,000 of new scholarship fund contributions - the equivalent of 10 full student-athlete annual grants-in-aid. This additional support has a tremendous impact on the young men and women that represent Texas Tech in a first class manner.

Education is very important for me. I will not run forever, but education is something that will stay for many years."
Kennedy Kithuka, NCAA Champion

If all remaining donors increased their gift by 10 percent, the result would be over $400,000 of new scholarship money, the equivalent of 16 full student-athlete annual grants-in-aid. That extra revenue would provide significant advantages that would have a positive impact in both student-athlete and team success.

Additionally, the Red Raider Club is asking all season ticket holders, who are not currently RRC members, to consider making a gift to the Red Raider Scholarship Fund. Joining the Red Raider Club at the $100 level, will allow you to begin accumulating priority points as an official Texas Tech Athletic donor, but most importantly your funds will make a difference in the life of a student-athlete. If all non-Red Raider Club season ticket holders joined at the $100 level, the gifts would result in a net increase of more than $250,000 new scholarship money. With that additional money, Texas Tech could fund 10 full student-athlete annual grants-in-aid.

With your help, we can truly affect the lives of so many young people and generations to follow. Please consider showing your commitment by investing in the future of a Texas Tech student-athlete.

How can you have the greatest impact on Texas Tech student-athletes?

  • Continue to donate to the Red Raider Scholarship Fund
  • Consider increasing your gift by 10 percent this year
  • Spread the word about the Red Raider Scholarship Fund

    Please contact us today to continue your tremendous commitment of Texas Tech student-athletes:

  • 806.742.1196 or 877.554.3850
  • RRC@ttu.edu
  • www.redraiderclub.com


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