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June 16, 1997

Lady Raider Home Attendance Ranked Fourth in Nation

LUBBOCK, Texas -- Home attendance for the Lady Raider basketball team was the fourth best in the nation and tops in the Big 12 Conference this season.

The Lady Raiders drew an average of 7,876 fans per game. It marks the fourth consecutive season that the Lady Raiders have drawn over 7,000 fans per game and the sixth consecutive season that Lady Raider home attendance has been ranked among the top ten in the nation. Tennessee took the top spot, followed by Connecticut and Wisconsin.

Texas Tech also finished fourth nationally in total attendance with 166,396 fans attending games at home, on the road, or at neutral sites. Tennessee grabbed the top spot, while Connecticut and Stanford finished second and third.

Among Big 12 schools the Lady Raiders were once again on top. Tech's per home game average edged out the University of Texas which finished fifth with 7,467 fans per game.

As a conference, the Big 12 finished second in the nation for total attendance. The Conference drew 523,597 total spectators which averaged out to 3,272 fans per game. The Big Ten Conference was ranked number one with 544,779 total attendance and 4,127 per game.

The total attendance for Women's Division I basketball climbed to a record high 4,522,051. The mark bettered the 1995-96 total by 761,111.

Big 12 Women's Basketball 
Home Attendance Rankings 
School              Total   Average
4. Texas Tech       110,270 7,876
5. Texas            111,990 7,467
22. Colorado        51,426  3,428
23. Nebraska        47,340  3,381
30. Kansas St.      34,353  2,863
34. Kansas          41,887  2,618
44. Oklahoma St.    22,489  2,044
45. Oklahoma        18,085  2,009
47. Baylor          22,326  1,861
53. Iowa State      21,949  1,688
58. Texas A&M       23,287  1,552

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