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Jan. 4, 2012

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Lady Raiders vs. Oklahoma State

January 4, 2012

Head Coach Kristy Curry

Opening Statement

“I just want to start by thanking our crowd, I thought we had a another really great crowd. My challenge to them is on the fourteenth of this month is to find somebody in their neighborhood or somewhere near them and bring them to the game, so if we could double that it would be pretty special. I’m so thankful for that crowd tonight and everybody who came out tonight I thought they were awesome and I hope they’ll keep coming back because it makes a difference no doubt down the stretch, the intensity they allow us to play with defensively and get stops when it matters is a big part of our success tonight and I thought the crowd was awesome. I thought we were a little tight tonight for our first Big 12 game, both teams, but when it mattered I thought our experience, we were able to make some plays when it counted the most and it seems like this bunch finds a way to do that and eventually it may swing the other way but I feel good about our kids and what they are trying to do, again, I’m really proud of our team tonight for fighting through some adversity and a little bit of ugly but turning it into pretty at times so we will take it and just keep getting better.”

On what the difference in the game was

“I thought we took care of the basketball at critical times we had 14 turnovers our game goal is always 13, and then we made more free throws then they attempted, and that’s always our goal. I know it was down the stretch even when they fouled us but we made them when it mattered the most and those two stats are glaring at the end of the night. I think there are a lot of stats at the other end we look at, from Suttles having three’s that we know she can shoot the three, we’ve just got to continue to do the little things, but those two stats, the free throws and the turnovers and taking care of the basketball.”

On if Tech was surprised at Oklahoma State’s defense intensity considering what they’ve been through

“Not at all, you know what if anything with something like that you use it to your advantage and that motivates you twice as much. I hope that everybody, mostly you guys, will let those kids focus on basketball and just do everything you can to let those kids put their focus where Kurt would want it and just continue everyday. There is no road map for what these kids are going through and there is no road map for how we handled it tonight we just want to send out our love to them everyday and he was probably my best friend in the league so I know what he would want is for his kids to fight and continue to improve everyday and on any given night they can beat anybody in this league just like we can, so they have a great opportunity to have a great season.”

On how Kierra Mallard played

“I told the kids afterwards that for Kierra to play 36 minutes, that was the hardest she has played consistently on both ends of the floor. Yes, she put it on the floor a couple of times when we didn’t want her to and made a few mistakes, but I thought her hustle was constant, constant to the huddle, constant out of the huddle, constant on the floor, that was as good as basketball she has played and it was just hustle. I mean when you sprint down the floor and lay it up early in the first half that her hustle was contagious tonight and she probably doesn’t like me bragging her but it was constant, she was an all-Big 12 performer tonight, I mean there was no doubt.”

“Well I think it relives a lot pressure from us no matter how much they won’t admit it, it’s a brand new season and it’s always good in the preseason to get that first one out of the way and it’s good to get this one out of the way. Sometimes when you look across our league tonight there were teams that are down right now that got down early sometimes it’s even easier to go on the road then it is to start at home, so what you have to do to be successful in this league is to defend your home court and then go on the road and try and sneak some and steal some, so that’s what we are going to try and do at Missouri, but it’s so important to get off on the right foot and I’m so happy for these kids, that’s the most important thing, I’m happy for them and we got this first one out of the way and just like I told them now we can take a deep breath and keep on going.”

On the playing of the Oklahoma State’s Alma Mater and what message she hopes it sent to them

“Just to show them how much we care and I think what it meant to me is that there is something a lot bigger and more important than a basketball game and that’s what I hope everybody in this arena took away from tonight that nobody lost that game tonight and I know Kurt and Serena had the best seat in the house and I know he was proud of both teams, and so was she, with how they competed. Just to show them our love and support and out of respect for them we called ahead of time and let them know what we were thinking and I hope every person in that building takes that flyer that we were giving away and the way we communicated when their kids were off the floor about contributing to that scholarship fund, even if we all just give a dollar it will make a difference and I hope that everyone will do that as well.”

Senior Kierra Mallard

On Mary Bokenkamp changing the tempo of the game

“We had the time out and coach Curry and all the coaches were encouraging us and you had Mo (Monique Smalls) and me talking. All I had to do was get a stop. They kept on telling me not to dribble the ball, so I just tried to pass out to Mary (Bokenkamp) and get the three, but I think Mary set the tempo for us in the second half.”

On blocking shots

“I am just trying to help my teammates out, so if I am there I am going to try to block it. Lately I have been trying not to block so much so that I don’t get into foul trouble but it is hard to stop blocking.”

Senior Jordan Barncastle

On the depth of the Tech bench

“I think our depth and our versatility are our two main keys that make us successful and coach Curry always says that we have to be ready when your number is called, you never know when she is going to call upon you. I think Mary (Bokenkamp) was very ready tonight, mentally and physically, and I think she came in and had big plays for us.”

On what this game says about the Lady Raiders

“I think it shows we are very relentless. We are a very competitive team, and we don’t like to lose. We want to defend our home court, and we want to continue undefeated as long as possible and we are going to try to do what it takes to do that." 

Oklahoma State Head Coach Jim Littell

Opening statement

“I was proud of our players, the way they played, especially in the second half. I thought they came back and competed against a very good basketball team. Coach Curry does a tremendous job, and they have a lot of experienced players. They have proven that they are a very good basketball team, and I am proud of our team for as hard as we played, especially in the second half. I thought we had some jitters when we came out in the first half and for us to be successful we have to shoot it a little better than what we shot it, 32 percent is going to be kind of tough to win on the road. But I am very proud of the way we hooked it up and competed. We started two freshman and two sophomores tonight, and we have players with great attitudes that are going to give great effort everyday. I think you are going to see us get better as the season progresses.

On the defensive adjustments Oklahoma State made

“I thought we did a nice job of changing defenses. Tech is experienced enough if you come down and run man against them every time they are going to go inside to (Kierra) Mallard. I thought we did a pretty good job of doubling her a lot of times in the second half and causing some turnovers, but she is a handful inside. She’s very skilled, she is very athletic, she has great strength, and I thought we did a pretty good job in the second half. We had some times that we forced air ball shots and it seemed like it landed right in Tech’s hands, but those are hustle rebounds that we probably have to get. I thought we came down and had some good shots in the second half and just didn’t make them.”

On having the Oklahoma State alma mater played after the game

“Well Kristy Curry is a class act. She is a class act. She is a good basketball coach, but she is a better person than she is a coach and that is not saying that negatively. She is a tremendous lady, and I consider her a friend. She consulted with us on what we wanted done and she is just a class lady.”




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