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Jan. 5, 2013

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Lady Raiders vs. Iowa State

January 5, 2013

Texas Tech Head Coach Kristy Curry

On the last minute of the series when Texas Tech had a chance to win it

“It probably shouldn’t have come down to that, I thought our kids really did a great job of fighting, clawing, and scraping and getting stops and we just couldn’t make shots and you have to make shots.”

On if this was the type of game she expected

“Its always that way in the league, it comes down to possessions and making plays on both ends and I thought our defensively in the second half really adjusted, and to have 14 steals and more second-chance points those are two just hustle areas and we forced 22 turnovers, we just weren’t able to convert, we got 18 more shots than they did and credit them for making shots but we just weren’t able to make enough shots.”

On if she was surprised by how well Iowa State did shooting the ball

“Not at all, they do a great job of shooting the basketball and it seemed like the first half we gave up the three and in the second half they were able to get the ball inside. I thought we really played hard but you just have to credit them for making some big shots.”

On how Kelsi Baker played tonight

“Well just defensively I thought she did outstanding she just played really smart and heady and did a great job understand the scouting, Anna Prinns only had three, but it’s very difficult to score inside and we’ve got to understand that and we did some things and got some great looks at the high post but we couldn’t knock those down and just credit Kelsi for playing really smart, I thought she played hard and smart.”


Lady Raiders vs. Iowa State

January 5, 2013

Texas Tech Player Quotes

Senior Chynna Brown

On if it was hard to get the ball inside to the post players

“It was pretty tough to get the ball inside for us at times, I feel like our posts were working hard trying to get the ball and we just tried to get it in whenever we could.”

On if it was a game plan for her and Casey Morris to shoot from the perimiter as much as they did

“Not really, Coach Curry always tells to have our feet ready and set to shoot so most of the time Casey and I were open we just got the ball and shot and didn’t think about it.”


Senior Casey Morris

On getting 1,000 career points tonight

“I wasn’t worried about that I was worried about winning, I would have rather gotten a win but I am happy it was in front of our fans because they are so loyal to us and I appreciate them and am glad it happened in front of them but I wasn’t really worried about the points and wanted to get the W, but we’ll come back and bounce back and do good on Wednesday.”


Lady Raiders vs. Iowa State

January 5, 2013

Iowa State Head Coach Bill Fennelly

Opening Statement

“Everyone gets tired of hearing this but welcome to the Big 12 I guess, just another hard fought game just two teams that I think both teams our going to sleep well tonight both played really really hard, two good defensive teams, very proud of our kids and the way they found a way to win and overcome some things. We shot it great in the first half and I thought guarded great the second half, but you know to come on the road and beat a team like this is a great accomplishment for our team, we had a great week beating Texas and Texas Tech and it’s very very special and I’m proud of the way we were resilient and found ways to do things that didn’t look great all the time but the result was real good.”

On the effort by both teams tonight

“It was unbelievable effort by both teams, I don’t know if either team could have played any harder and I don’t know if I’ve seen teams play any harder for 40 minutes and the Tech kids you can tell, they’re seniors, they’re well coached, they’re committed, they’re like us they do the hard stuff to win games and we were fortunate to get one more rebound, to make one more shot, and make one more play and as a coach all you can ask is that your team plays as hard as they can play and I think both teams played as hard as they could play and we were just lucky to have four more points at the end.”

On getting the timeout during the last minute

“Well there was a loose ball situation and we told the refs if it’s a loose ball we are going to call a timeout and there was a loose ball situation and the kids called a timeout and gave us a chance to inbound the ball and we practice those kinds of things and we talk about it a lot and we save our timeouts a little too long and it drives my parents and a lot of our fans crazy but that’s the reason we try and save them is for those situations because their defense is so good that a lot of times we had a hard time inbounding the ball and that’s why we had a timeout was to get our kids organized was important.”

On if he was surprised by Texas Tech’s defense

“Not really we knew their on-ball defense was going to be good, Monique Smalls is as good of a defender as there is in this league and they got up into us and really made us uncomfortable, we had some offensive fouls from trying to get open, but Nicki Moody did a good job of keeping one extra dribble which led to an open pass because they were open and then second half they did a great job on the three-point line we couldn’t get one off and that’s the reason we were in the game at half time was because we made eight three’s and you have kids coming off the bench and making shots. It’s always been a big part of our game but the way it happened tonight it probably gave us a chance at half time to be up three and gave us a chance to win.”

Lady Raiders vs. Iowa State

January 5, 2013

Iowa State Player Quotes


Junior Hallie Christofferson

On if it was really tough on offense for Iowa State

“They were really up on us, both on the perimeter and in the post and it was hard to the ball in and to get it back out to Nikki.”

On if it was frustrating not being able to get the ball to the posts

“I mean it goes back and forth, when you are trying to get it back into the post they’re playing such hard defense that it is difficult and when you get frustrated you have to take a deep breath and get your composure back.”

“You know u always hope for that but luckily we did because that kept us in the game.”




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