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Texas Tech vs. Missouri - Postgame Quotes




Jan. 12, 2011

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2010-11 Texas Tech Women's Basketball
Lady Raiders vs. Missouri (United Spirit Arena, Lubbock, Texas)
Jan. 12, 2011
Texas Tech Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kristy Curry

On Tech's performance against Missouri
"I told them I was really proud for how we finished, but we have to stop doing this. So, maybe we are going to get labeled the comeback kids, but again I think we want to make sure we do a better job of not putting ourselves in such a position where our back is against the wall. It says a lot about these kids. I thought the difference in the basketball game (was the crowd), I just want to thank our crowd. I thought when they got into it that it really gave our kids that extra step and that extra umph to get to the next play. So, I thought our crowd was the difference down the stretch, and we really thank them because they really gave us a boost tonight."

On what changed in the second half
"I thought the first half our shot selection wasn't where it needed to be, and we had people that were trying to do things that maybe aren't their strength. We have to get back to practice tomorrow and really work on that. We let that affect us defensively. It is pretty obvious we didn't have the energy the first half defensively, but we had the second half and we have to understand that you can't play 14 minutes of great defense in this league and win. We have been fortunate to do that lately. We have to put together more minutes, string longer periods together, where we defend at a higher level."

On Kierra Mallard's and Chynna Brown's performance against Missouri
"She (Kierra Mallard) has matured so much in the fact that she understood that she can't think about having four fouls. She just has to make plays, and that is what I kept trying to tell her, is don't worry about the fouls just make plays, move your feet. I thought she did a really great job with that. She had some big baskets inside. We got great looks inside, down the stretch and to start the second half, and you are like goodness gracious. You knew if we kept getting those kinds of looks they were going to fall. So, I thought her presence really gave us a lot of confidence down the stretch. Chynna was unbelievable. It looked like for a while she was the only one who wanted the ball and wanted to make a play. Again, Chynna just lets the game come to her and is one of those kids that I wasn't referring to earlier. She just knows her strengths, and we were smart down the stretch. We worked on it in practice, getting the ball in her hands there late to get fouled and there is a lot to say about these two up here with me."

Guard Chynna Brown

On her performance against Missouri
"Like I said before I just feed off the starters. When my number is called it is time for me to go in, and, I just try to bring as much energy as I can. So, just coming in and being aggressive and trying to score, it doesn't matter to me."

On what changed in the second half
"Mainly it was just being more aggressive instead of taking shots and being passive. We really were just being more aggressive. I was being more aggressive trying to get to the hole and trying to get to the free throw line."

Center Kierra Mallard

On what her role was late in the game
"Just give my team energy off the bench. Just talk to them on defense and try to screen and make my teammates open."

On the strength of the bench
"I think our team overall, anybody can be on the starting five. Chynna just had our back out there. The crowd was wonderful and I appreciate them."

Missouri Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Robin Pingeton

On their performance against Tech
"First I give Texas Tech a ton of credit. I think Kristy (Curry) has ton a tremendous job of building this program. She is a great coach, and you have a great fan base here. The environment is certainly a sixth man and you have some awfully talented young ladies out there. I felt like for us, with making sure I give credit to Texas Tech with how they dug out and turned up the heat up a little bit defensively, I felt like our lack of experience really showed late in the game. We have probably four out of our five players, maybe three out of our five players for sure that have not been in late game situations and this kind of environment in the Big 12. I thought it really showed with how hesitant we were. It was almost like nobody wanted the ball in their hands. We had some careless turnovers, again give credit to Texas Tech. I think they came out and really turned up that heat late in the second half. You know for thirty-some minutes I thought we played well but in the Big 12 thirty-some minutes isn't going to get it done for you."

On what changed in the second half
"It was a tough night for us offensively. You have your two leading scorers that go into halftime, I think, with a combined maybe three points. We really never got Christine (Flores) going offensively. It was a tough night offensively. We have to make sure we are at least shooting the way we did you have to at least give yourself a chance to get shots off, and we weren't even getting shots off with 26 turnovers. It is unacceptable. Defensively, I thought late in the game we started to panic a little bit. We got away from our game plan and really allowed Texas Tech to play us one-on-one inside in the paint. That is not what we had success with the first 30 minutes of the game."

On what Tech changed in the second half
"They turned up the heat. Their aggressiveness, I thought they really came out and got a lot more aggressive. Again, long, lanky, athletic kids out there, and so absolutely give Texas Tech credit for turning up the heat. Applying a little more pressure, and I don't think we handled it very well. I thought our lack of experience and youth really was revealed late in the second half."



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