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Jan. 13, 2013

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Texas Tech Quotes

OU vs. Texas Tech

Jan. 12, 2013

Texas Tech Head Coach Kristy Curry

On Aaryn Ellenberg’s play at the end of the game:

“Just credit her for stepping up and making big plays. I think at that point you have to credit Oklahoma. Certainly, they were able to make plays and make big shots. We know that she does that very well.”

On Kelsi Baker playing with four fouls in the second half:

“I think the most important thing with Kelsi is I thought she gave them too many easy touches. You can’t play like you have any fouls. If that enters your mind, then be passive. I think I was most disappointed on the offensive end. Between Patterson and Hyde and Kelsi, they were 3-of-20. That’s absolutely unacceptable when combined with missed free throws, we are probably not going to win many Big 12 games.”

On playing in Norman:

“You know what, you credit Oklahoma. What Coach Coale’s done is phenomenal. We haven’t had much luck here, but we will continue to come back in the future and do everything we can to get a win. We try not to look back very often. We’ve got to look forward.”

On missed free throws and shots not falling near the end of the game:



“Those [possessions] have worked out for us some here lately. We’ve been fortunate to have those work out. We did at Oklahoma State. We did against K-State. We were able to make plays down the stretch. I think the biggest thing is credit Oklahoma. Sometimes I think you have to not focus so much on what you didn’t do but credit your opponent, lace them up, move on and head to Austin on Wednesday. In this league you have to have short-term memory and some toughness about you.”

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