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Jan. 18, 2012

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Lady Raiders vs. Baylor

January 18, 2012

Texas Tech Head Coach Kristy Curry

Opening Statement

“First thing I want to do is thank the 12, 403 people that were in the stands tonight, and how much that crowd meant to these kids and the students were tremendous, so that’s what I want to start with, I want to thank them for coming out. Yes, we are very very disappointed that we lost and the only thing I can say is that we are going to continue to fight and work hard every single day and we hope every single person that came tonight will continue to stick by theses kids because I think they deserve it. Again, there are no moral victories tonight and we are very very disappointed that we lost, but I did want to start by saying how much that support meant and how incredibly proud that we’re all to be able to represent the double t for every single person in this community, it just means a lot that they were there for us tonight.”

On how important dribble penetration was for Tech

“It was big, but the biggest thing was we came out and started to get a bigger feel for understanding that we needed to be more aggressive and I thought our kids did a nice job. We had balance in our scoring in the second half and that gave us a chance.”

On how versatile Tech’s post players are

“Well I think that gave us some driving lanes, you’ve got to realize you have to pull her away from the basket and try and do some things, again I want to make it clear tonight credit Baylor they found a way to win and they’re much more than one dimensional with her (Brittney Griner) that’s why they are the number one team in the country and they’ve been so successful is because of a Destiny Williams and an Odyssey Sims or Condrey and Hayden and Madden those kids have really matured a lot and did a great job around her. Griner had six boards and you hold her to 21 that’s her average, maybe 22.3 I could be a little off, but again they are a great basketball team and credit Baylor for making enough plays down the stretch.”

On losing three in a row and turning it around

“You know what we just told our kids they are the exact same basketball team that got to 14 and 0, and there is nothing wrong with us credit the Big 12 a little too guys, we lost by three and one and we just lost by eight to the number one team in the country there are no moral victories and I take full responsibility for those losses. I need to do a better job of coaching these kids so back off them and I’ll do a little better job and we’ll get it turned around and we’ll get it going in the right direction. There is a lot of basketball to be played, heck you look down the league right now and there are two losses here and three losses there and it’s going to come down to toughness down the stretch and we will find our way here in a little bit.”

Texas Tech Player Quotes

Junior Casey Morris

On the fan support

“Well before I start, I want to repeat that the fans, we really appreciate them. The students, alumni and everyone else who comes we really appreciate that. We can feel the energy and hopefully they just stand by us because we will get wins if we keep getting fans like that. We really appreciate it.”

On the physicality of the game

“I think we just kept our composure. They always come and play physical, and we just fought back but without getting out of control and tried to stay poised while we were playing.”

On this loss hurting more

“It is just like any other loss. We really wanted to beat Baylor, but we really want to beat every other team, we just want to win. We will pick back up and we will stay positive and beat the next team we play and the next after that. We’re not going to hang our heads. We are going to keep on playing hard.”

Junior Christine Hyde

On being able to drive the ball

“I just played how they were guarding me. When (Brittney) Griner was out of the lane that opens up the floor for everyone else, not just me but shooters and penetrators. When she steps out it we just get a green light to drive, drive, drive instead of just standing out there to shoot, what previous teams have done. We felt like we took advantage of that.”

On not being able to convert on turnovers

“That is tough for anybody, not just us. I can’t really explain how I feel about that, but it’s rough.”




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